Egyptian exports to African nations increase by 13% during 2023: trade minister

Mon, 18 Dec 2023 - 12:41 GMT

In 2022, the trade volume between Egypt and COMESA countries reached its highest level, totaling $4.3 billion, as highlighted by the trade minister

African mission observing Egypt’s Presidential Elections hails large participation of women, youth

Thu, 14 Dec 2023 - 02:05 GMT

Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe, the head of the joint mission of the African Union and COMESA and Vice President Emeritus of Uganda, expressed satisfaction with the 2024 Presidential Elections held inside the country from December 10-12.

President Sisi Meets Kenyan counterpart on Sidelines of COMESA

Thu, 08 Jun 2023 - 10:54 GMT

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El Sisi met on Thursday with his Kenyan counterpart William Ruto, on the sidelines of the COMESA summit in Lusaka, Zambia.

President Sisi Meets Malawian counterpart on sidelines of COMESA

Thu, 08 Jun 2023 - 10:48 GMT

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met on Thursday with his Malawian counterpart, Lazarus Chakwera, on the sidelines of the COMESA summit in the Zambian capital, Lusaka

Kenyan President praises Sisi’s leadership of COMESA group

Thu, 08 Jun 2023 - 04:05 GMT

He expressed his country's aspiration for Arab-African cooperation through green investment and transforming all businesses to be carbon-free.

Egypt exported 3.4 billion worth of goods to COMESA countries in 2022, CAPMAS

Thu, 08 Jun 2023 - 11:57 GMT

Trade overall between Egypt and COMESA jumped to $5.3 billion in 2022, up by 20.4 percent compared to 2021’s recorded $4.4 billion

Nile Basin ministerial meeting on Vic-Med feasibility studies held in Cairo

Mon, 12 Dec 2022 - 10:12 GMT

The meeting comprises the transport ministers of Nile Basin countries, COMESA member states, and the AU Commission on Infrastructure and Energy Development.

Highlights: How Egypt increases exports to Africa’s markets

Sat, 18 Jun 2022 - 01:09 GMT

Egypt is currently seeking to increase its exports to international markets, and with a special scope on Africa’s markets.

Egypt's imports from COMESA countries record decline by end of 2021: CAPMAS

Thu, 12 May 2022 - 08:30 GMT

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) monitored a noticeable decline in the volume of Egyptian imports from the COMESA group recently.

Egypt aims to increase exports to COMESA states by 50% - Official

Sun, 02 Jan 2022 - 12:05 GMT

In statements on Saturday, he added that the African market is promising as its volume of consumption spending stands at $4.5 billion and is expected to reach $6 billion by 2025.

Egypt's Sisi underscores territorial integrity as he meets with head of Libyan Presidential Council

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 09:28 GMT

President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi met with Head of the Libyan Presidential Council Mohamed al-Menfi on the sidelines of the COMESA summit in the New Administrative Capital on Tuesday.

Egypt's Sisi, COMESA secretary-general discuss intra-trade, cross-border infrastructure

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 08:07 GMT

Egypt will spare no effort to develop the agenda of COMESA, especially economic and regional integration, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi told the secretary-general of the bloc on Tuesday.

Egypt's exports to COMESA countries increase 32.4% during 9 months

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 07:16 GMT

Egypt’s imports from the COMESA countries amounted to $901 million during the first 9 months of 2021, compared to $721 million during the same period in 2020, with an increase of 25 percent.

COMESA chiefs of state stress digitalization, support to SMEs for integration

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 03:00 GMT

The theme of the 21st COMESA Summit is "Building Resilience Through Strategic Digital Economic Integration."

Egypt receives chairmanship of COMESA, president pledges boosting intra-trade

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 02:04 GMT

President Sisi thanked Madagascar for the work it did while chairing the Common Market for East and South Africa (COMESA).

Discussed: Why Egypt’s taking over COMESA chair important

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 12:17 GMT

As Egypt takes over Tuesday the chair of the COMESA, economic experts highlighted the importance of this step on multiple dimensions.

Discussed: Why Egypt’s taking over COMESA chair important

Tue, 23 Nov 2021 - 12:17 GMT

As Egypt takes over Tuesday the chair of the COMESA, economic experts highlighted the importance of this step on multiple dimensions.

Assistant FM: Economic integration 'priority' for Egypt to achieve development in Africa

Mon, 22 Nov 2021 - 04:05 GMT

Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Soha Gendy said that Egypt's hosting of the COMESA summit at this time is a "clear message that economic integration is one of Egypt's top priorities to achieve the required development in Africa."

Trade minister: COMESA summit to be held in NAC Tuesday with participation of 21 countries

Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 03:09 GMT

The event will be attended by COMESA Secretary General Chileshe Kapwepwe and heads of other African economic blocs, said Gamea in a joint press conference with Kapwepwe.

Govt: Trade exchange between Egypt, COMESA states hits $3B in 2020

Sun, 21 Nov 2021 - 12:44 GMT

From 2015-2020, Egypt achieved trade surplus in relations with COMESA states that reached in 2020 $1.4 billion , according to a study compiled by the center on the occasion of Egypt's hosting of the 21th COMESA summit on Tuesday.