Decent Life's 2nd phase to be carried out at 20 governorates

Thu, 06 Jun 2024 - 03:35 GMT

There are 11 governorates that are common between the first and second phases.

Decent Life's 2nd phase to be carried out at 20 governorates

Thu, 06 Jun 2024 - 01:30 GMT

There are 11 governorates that are common between the first and second phases.

How did Haya Karima improve living standards of rural citizens?

Thu, 09 May 2024 - 02:13 GMT

The presidential nation-wide developmental initiative "Haya Karima" has created a comprehensive boom in infrastructure and basic services in Egyptian villages, as well as improving the economic, social and cultural quality of life of citizens.

Egypt among 10 states with more positive body image: Study

Tue, 05 Sep 2023 - 12:14 GMT

The Largest study of its kind led by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has found that having more positive body image is strongly associated with better psychological wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Think tank details accomplishments of Decent Life initiative targeting 58M citizens in Egyptian countryside

Sat, 01 Jul 2023 - 08:26 GMT

The Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS) issued Friday a report titled "The Villages of Egypt in 10 Years: From Marginalization to Decent Life."

Egypt launches 'Village Without Poverty' initiative targeted at beneficiaries of 'Decent Life'

Thu, 26 Jan 2023 - 12:23 GMT

The economic empowerment initiative is within "Forsa" (opportunity) programme aimed at enabling self-employment among the beneficiaries of Takaful wa Karama.

Egypt's 'Takaful wa Karama' to offer microfinance to rural beneficiaries

Tue, 24 Jan 2023 - 11:38 GMT

The Rural Industries Support Fund is finalizing a microfinancing programme targeting Takaful w Karama beneficiaries residing the countryside.

Egypt's planning ministry declares canal lining target for mid-2024

Tue, 01 Nov 2022 - 09:48 GMT

The ministry revealed that 30 percent of the target has been already accomplished.

In pics: Marking International Rural Women Day amid cotton harvest season in Egypt

Sat, 15 Oct 2022 - 08:48 GMT

The world celebrates the International Day of Rural Women on October 15 of each year, which was set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007.

Egypt releases report on working towards SDGs through 'Decent Life' initiative

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 - 03:02 GMT

The report indicated that the budget spent until Decent Life's launching in 2021 amounted to LE 100 billion.

'Elimination of terrorism wasn’t merely security work': Egyptian Armed Forces spox

Sun, 24 Apr 2022 - 11:09 GMT

The spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, stated in a phone-in Saturday evening that the elimination of terrorism over the past years was not merely a security work.

Egyptian municipal authorities help create 123K job opportunities in rural villages

Wed, 06 Apr 2022 - 11:32 GMT

A press statement issued by the Ministry of Local Development on Wednesday indicated the top five governorates that received funds through the programme.

Plan of 2nd phase of Decent Life initiative presented in Cabinet meeting

Wed, 19 Jan 2022 - 05:36 GMT

Gad al-Karim pointed out that 96 percent of land plots required by the whole initiative have been made available by the concerned governmental entities.

Beneficiaries of pilot phase of Decent Life initiative record 4.5M Egyptians

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 - 12:31 GMT

The pilot phase alone is worth LE5.4 billion ($337.5 million), and had as beneficiaries 4.5 million citizens.

330 Egyptians ask for government help to rehabilitate their vulnerable-to-collapse homes

Thu, 06 Jan 2022 - 12:37 GMT

Those live in low-income rural villages.

53K micro enterprises funded within 1st phase of Decent Life initiative

Wed, 15 Dec 2021 - 01:04 GMT

That is through the Ministry of Social Solidarity and civil associations to enhance the living conditions of beneficiaries.

Bread: types of Egyptians' indispensable food

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 - 05:19 GMT

Egyptians consume 18 million tons of wheat per annum, producing around half the quantity and importing the rest.

Egypt's First Lady greets youths working at 'Decent Life' initiative on International Day for Poverty Eradication

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 - 01:33 GMT

October 17 was marked as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty in 1992.

Official discloses number of rural villages to be developed by mid-2022 within Egypt's 'Decent Life'

Sun, 19 Sep 2021 - 12:38 GMT

The budget allocated to the initiative is LE700 billion, and the number of beneficiaries is 58 million.

Egyptian ministry publishes photos of under-progress projects within 'Decent Life'

Tue, 17 Aug 2021 - 02:04 GMT

The total number of villages targeted by the initiative is 4,600 lying across 20 governorates.