Amenhotep II

April 3: Mummy of King Seti II will be transferred in Pharaohs’ Golden Parade to NMEC

Thu, 01 Apr 2021 - 12:46 GMT

The mummy of King Seti II, the fifth pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, was discovered in 1898 in the Tomb of Amenhotep II (KV 35) in Valley of the Kings, Luxor.

Acquaint Yourself with 5 ancient Egyptian tombs discovered with entire belongings

Sun, 15 Nov 2020 - 01:54 GMT

The tomb of the golden boy that ruled Egypt was not the only one that was discovered containing its full belongings. Archaeologists found many complete pharaonic tombs.

Milano museum to display Egyptian artifacts next month

Sun, 03 Sep 2017 - 07:23 GMT

Milano’s Museum of Cultures will display a rare and unique collection of Egyptian antiquities entitled “Egypt: The Extraordinary Discovery of Pharaoh Amenhotep II” from September 13 until January 7.