hepatitis c

Egyptian initiative to treat HCV patients in Africa targets 250,000 in Sudan: Health Min.

Sun, 23 Aug 2020 - 12:47 GMT

President Abdel Fatah al Sisi at the closing session of two-days Arab and African Youth Forum held in Aswan city in March last year announced a new initiative to eliminate Hepatitis C among one million African citizens.

Egypt sends 21 tons of baby formula to Sudan, to treat 150K Sudanese hepatitis C patients

Sat, 15 Aug 2020 - 01:08 GMT

Further, Egypt is preparing a shipment of children medicines that weighs 1.325 tons

How successful was Egypt's leadership of the African Union?

Tue, 18 Feb 2020 - 03:14 GMT

In 2019, Egypt took over the presidency of the African Union for the first time since its founding in 2002. Cairo was keen on making a difference during that year for the continent and its own relationship with African nations.

Egypt helps test 30K African citizens for Hepatitis C

Tue, 07 Jan 2020 - 09:06 GMT

The ministry added that nearly 10333 citizens have been tested in South Sudan when Egypt’s first medical team was sent to the country in September 2019.

Strategic stock of hepatitis C medication available free for patients

Thu, 26 Dec 2019 - 09:22 GMT

The strategic stock of hepatitis C medication is available and provided for free for all patients when needed, according to Ministry of Health on Wednesday.

Govt denies reports about Assiut school students getting infected by Hepatitis C

Fri, 29 Nov 2019 - 12:38 GMT

It also called on media outlets and social media users to be careful and verify the accuracy of any information before being published.

Egypt launches 32 projects in Africa in 1 year: report

Tue, 19 Nov 2019 - 11:49 GMT

Egypt launched 32 projects in Africa and organized more than 1,500 training activities for African youth and professionals in one year.

80% of medications in Egypt manufactured locally: minister

Sat, 16 Nov 2019 - 03:20 GMT

Only 20 percent are imported.

Rise in minimum wage to be fully applied by end of Nov.: Presidency

Mon, 04 Nov 2019 - 11:13 GMT

Radi said that the presidential decree to increase the minimum wage included 3,200 government bodies, 721 of whom have not yet got the new rise.

In 4 days, Egypt screens 676 South Sudanese for Hepatitis C

Tue, 01 Oct 2019 - 01:37 GMT

In just a couple of days, the number of South Sudanese citizens screened for Hepatitis C by the Egyptian medical mission has almost tripled to become 676.

221 screened for Hepatitis C in Juba by Egyptian mission

Sat, 28 Sep 2019 - 12:54 GMT

The Egyptian medical team has been joined by a local one in order to deliver the service for citizens within an adequate duration.

Egyptian medical convoy arrives in Juba to treat African Hepatitis C patients

Thu, 26 Sep 2019 - 03:41 GMT

The medical team's arrival came shortly after the opening of the first Hepadnaviridae unit at the Egyptian clinic in Juba, under the slogan 'Long Live Egypt, Africa.'

WHO official hails Egypt's Hepatitis C campaign as biggest of its kind

Thu, 22 Aug 2019 - 12:10 GMT

The World Health Organization Director-General, on Wednesday, has called Egypt's 100 Million Seha (Health) medical initiative the biggest campaign to be implemented by a state, adding it had been a success worldwide, Egypt's Health Ministry said in a stat

Initiative to treat hearing-impaired babies to start Sept in Dakahlia

Sun, 18 Aug 2019 - 11:48 GMT

Those proven to need surgery will receive free treatment and periodic follow-up until the age of two.

27 doctors trained to help HCV patients with hearing problems: Ministry

Mon, 03 Jun 2019 - 08:51 GMT

100 Million Seha presidential medical campaign continues its efforts to serve the deaf and mute people through sign language interpreters.

Egypt sends 25 tons of medicine to Sudan: Health min.

Fri, 17 May 2019 - 11:45 GMT

25 tons of medicine and other medical requirements were sent to Sudan.

President meets Egyptian ‘ideal mother’ in U.S. upon her request

Wed, 10 Apr 2019 - 12:26 GMT

Nassar said that she only decided to travel to the U.S. when she found that she had hepatitis C, as treatment was not provided in Egypt at the time.

Health wrap-up: Madbouli, Zayed talk initiative to treat 1M African HCV patients

Wed, 20 Mar 2019 - 09:26 GMT

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi's initiative also includes refugees residing in Egypt, Madbouli said during the meeting.

6 Facts about the third phase of ‘100 Million Seha’ campaign

Sun, 03 Mar 2019 - 11:29 GMT

The Ministry of Health and Population is now implementing the third phase of the ‘100 Million Seha’ to end Hepatitis C in Egypt in seven governorates.

30.3 million Egyptians screened for HCV so far: Health Min.

Sun, 24 Feb 2019 - 10:12 GMT

The statement revealed that as many as 6,999,000 citizens had been screened for HCV in Cairo so far, out of a total of 7,760,000 targeted for screening.