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Egypt bans import of Tuk-tuk components

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 - 10:29 GMT

In 2014, Egypt banned the imports of Tuk-tuks but kept importing the components to manufacture them locally.

Egypt’s short movies Tuk-Tuk, Henet Ward to participate in Pan African Film Festival

Sat, 13 Feb 2021 - 08:10 GMT

Egypt’s short movies Tuk-Tuk, Henet Ward to participate in Pan African Film Festival.

Police free 14-year-old kidnapped child in Sohag

Sat, 21 Sep 2019 - 11:59 GMT

Police authorities in Sohag have managed, in 48-hours, to free a 14-year-old boy who was abducted for a LE3 million ransom.

Egyptian tuk-tuk start-up Halan to expand to Ethiopia

Fri, 20 Sep 2019 - 06:03 GMT

Nakhla, who has a background in microfinance, hopes Halan will become “pan-African” and said he saw tremendous opportunity for growth on the continent.

Egypt gets rid of Tuk-Tuks via Minivan initiative

Fri, 06 Sep 2019 - 01:25 GMT

The government will buy the tuk-tuks from their owners and give them minivans in return.

Tuk-tuk driver detained over killing 7 students

Sun, 12 Nov 2017 - 09:20 GMT

A tuk tuk driver is detained for four days in prison pending investigation over causing the death of seven students when his tuk tuk plunged off a road into a conduit.

Tuk-tuk carrying 8 students plunges into conduit, 7 killed

Sat, 11 Nov 2017 - 04:17 GMT

Investigations were immediately announced to be launched into the matter.

US embassy warns women against using tuk-tuks in Sri Lanka

Thu, 29 Jun 2017 - 03:34 GMT

The US embassy in Colombo warned Thursday its citizens visiting Sri Lanka to avoid travelling alone in tuk-tuks after a spate of sexual harassment complaints.