London Fashion Week opens its doors with public catwalk shows

Sun, Sep. 15, 2019

South African accountant Shaista Hamdulay never imagined she would one day mingle with fashionistas at London Fashion Week.

Fire and thread: Bayeux-inspired 'Game of Thrones' tapestry unveiled in France

Sat, Sep. 14, 2019

The French town of Bayeux has been home for nearly a millennium to a tapestry depicting a bloody battle for power.

Hyde Park developments host Cirquedu Soleil for first time in Egypt

Thu, Sep. 12, 2019

The world-renowned Canadian entertainment group showcase is coming to town with “BAZZAR” this September.

Back to School: Egypt’s students start 1st day of academic year

Thu, Sep. 12, 2019

Celebrating the new academic year, some of the school’s administrations presented gifts to the students in Cairo and Egyptian governorates.

Alive but lost: In Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian survivors wonder what next

Mon, Sep. 9, 2019

“Home is more than four walls and a roof — it’s the neighborhood where people live, their friends and neighbors,”

Egypt gets rid of Tuk-Tuks via Minivan initiative

Fri, Sep. 6, 2019

The government will buy the tuk-tuks from their owners and give them minivans in return.

Egypt activates bicycle initiatives nationwide

Thu, Sep. 5, 2019

The use of bicycles contribute to saving energy consumption and reduce emissions and air pollution.