Hanan Fayed

She hikes: What it is like to climb Egypt's 10 highest peaks

Tue, Jan. 7, 2020

She began by following her passion in exploring unbeaten tracks in South Sinai, climbing the lesser known mountains, and then mounting Egypt's tallest 10 peaks in the span of 18 months. Finally, she embarked on organizing hiking trips in the rugged landsc

Interfaith Forum delegations arrive at religion hub St. Catherine

Fri, Oct. 11, 2019

St. Catherine Airport received Friday delegations participating in the Interfaith Forum, hosted in the South Sinai city with sites holy to the three Abrahamic religions.

Will France foil Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to take over?

Tue, Aug. 20, 2019

The MB has existed in France for decades, but since the heavy financial and political support the group has enjoyed for many years now, France has witnessed a spate of Islamist violence, prompting the authorities to counter the radicalization spiral inste

Game of Thrones: where could it have been filmed in Egypt?

Wed, Jun. 26, 2019

Compelling pictures of where Game of Thrones could have been shot in Egypt

The British Council in Egypt celebrating 80 Years

Sat, Dec. 8, 2018

The first-ever British Council was established in Egypt 80 years ago and has come a long way in promoting cooperation between Egypt and the UK. We look back at the decades of successful partnership.

Sisi expresses concern over weight issues among young Egyptians

Wed, Nov. 7, 2018

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi expressed concerns over the weight of young Egyptians during a Monday World Youth Forum session on “future leaders.”

Design for social impact gathers professionals to make a change

Sat, Nov. 3, 2018

A design workshop at a co-working space in Maadi, Cairo, brought 15 participants of different backgrounds and professions at one table, helping each other with varied projects.

Mahraganat: Egyptian ghetto meets Western electronic

Tue, Oct. 9, 2018

How does electro chaabi keep evolving in Egypt?