Egypt allowed many students into art, law, commerce instead of offering specializations in digital education: Sisi



Wed, 27 Sep 2023 - 08:35 GMT


Wed, 27 Sep 2023 - 08:35 GMT

CAIRO - 27 September 2023: The transitional phase of the past ten years and massive sums of money were spent filling huge gaps in education and all other sectors in Egypt, Sisi said Tuesday.


During a visit to Suez Canal University and a meeting with the Supreme Council of Universities, Sisi said that despite many challenges in the past few years, education’s share in development and investment has been large.


He underscored that the rising twin and private universities in the country are meant to fill this gap. 


He set hospitals as another examples, saying the state has only half the required number of hospitals. He emphasized that the existing 700 hospitals may not do the work of double the number. 


Any Egyptian fresh graduate should be well aware of the digital world to be true candidates for job opportunities in the market, the president said.


Setting the faculties of arts, law, and commerce as examples, Sisi highlighted that huge numbers of people graduate from similar faculties when the market does not need so many of them.


He said that as a state, not much has been done to “convince families that a university certificate is not an end to feel that you have given your child an education and that instead you might be wasting four years of your child’s life. Those four years could have been an opportunity to build a character ready for a sustainable job opportunity.”


Blaming the state, he added that it has not offered enough educational specializations and fields to accommodate all interests, and instead accepted millions in the aforementioned faculties, while the digital market is yearning for hundreds of thousands of employees.


Basic education is the real foundation for Egypt to reach its long-term dream, Sisi emphasized.


“We pay a great deal of attention to training and vocation to restructure the personality of Egyptians,” he added.



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