Marina Gamil

Solar-powered irrigation: A solution to water management in Upper Egypt

Wed, 26 Dec 2018 - 09:06 GMT

Solar-powered irrigation has begun to be introduced to the agriculture in Egypt, a positive step toward developing the renewable energy industry.

Egyptian artist portrays unique beauty, power of African women

Wed, 19 Sep 2018 - 01:49 GMT

Aya el-Emam tries through her paintings to shed light on the uniqueness of African women's beauty.

500 air-conditioned 3rd class rail carriages to be purchased

Wed, 29 Aug 2018 - 08:29 GMT

Egyptian Railway Authority is planning to purchase 500 air-conditioned rail carriages for the third class.

LIVE UPDATE: Opening of ancient sarcophagus in Alexandria

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 - 01:23 GMT

Egypt unearthed a 2,000-year-old sarcophagus in Alexandria, revealing that it is made of black granite of about 265 meters in length and 185 cm in height.

Reviving buried Ancient Egyptian art, design

Wed, 27 Jun 2018 - 11:39 GMT

Designer Shaimaa Kamal has succeeded, through her furniture designs, to revive the underappreciated Ancient Egyptian art.

Parliament approves draft laws to regulate National Press Authority, National Media Authority

Tue, 12 Jun 2018 - 12:51 GMT

The Parliament approved on Monday the two government-drafted laws aimed to regulate the National Press Authority (NPA) and the National Media Authority (NMA).

Plan set to boost technical education in Egypt

Mon, 11 Jun 2018 - 04:09 GMT

Minister of Education and Technical Education Tarek Shawki signed on Sunday cooperation protocols with several private companies to implement Egypt Makers initiative.

Parliament approves imposing taxes on ads on social media, Google

Sun, 10 Jun 2018 - 09:22 GMT

Parliament approved Sunday to impose taxes on advertisements posted on social media websites and Google

First Arabic citation index worldwide to be launched in Egypt

Wed, 30 May 2018 - 10:00 GMT

Journals will be available in Arabic on the index for citation and evaluating the quality and research output of Arabic researchers.

Looking at Ugandan-Egyptian relations

Tue, 08 May 2018 - 02:02 GMT

Since President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi took power in 2014, Egyptian-Ugandanrelations have developed.

In pics: Paris at heart of Cairo’s Downtown

Wed, 02 May 2018 - 03:24 GMT

The renovation of Shereifen Street is part of the major Khedive Cairo Development project, which started in 2012.

New law intensifies penalties for antiquity-related crimes

Tue, 24 Apr 2018 - 08:59 GMT

Parliament initially approved during its plenary session on Monday the government-drafted law to amend some provisions of Law No. 117 of 1983.

Parliament approves draft law seizing terrorist groups' assets

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 - 07:25 GMT

Parliament finally approved the government-drafted law to regulate the legal procedures of seizing, managing and disposing of terrorist organizations' assets.

Palestinian President calls on all Arabs to visit Jerusalem

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 - 04:58 GMT

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas invited on Sunday the Arab countries to visit Jerusalem to show solidarity with Palestinians

Egypt’s insulin stock to suffice patients’ need for 4 months

Fri, 13 Apr 2018 - 10:50 GMT

Insulin stock in public and private companies will meet the needs of diabetics for the upcoming four months

Libya calls for return of Egyptian workers for reconstruction

Wed, 11 Apr 2018 - 05:58 GMT

Libya is in dire need of Egyptian labor to work in Libya’s reconstruction process, after witnessing destruction and instability over the last seven years.

Green Whale: Egypt’s charitable alternative for Blue Whale game

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 - 10:13 GMT

Egyptian writer Ghada Abdel Aal launched theGreen Whale game, which requires players to go through daily charitable challenges.

Free from Plastic

Sun, 08 Apr 2018 - 07:00 GMT

A recent initiative aims to clean up Marsa Alam’s Wadi el-Gemal islands.

International observers praise 2018 presidential election

Mon, 02 Apr 2018 - 03:28 GMT

International observers have praised the 2018 presidential election, which was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution.

‘Aysha’ makes art of personal life

Mon, 02 Apr 2018 - 02:42 GMT

Director and actor Dalia Kholeif told a highly personal tale of pain in the show presented at D-CAF on March 24 and 26.