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Al Fayoum governor visits Meidum Pyramid with 200 students

Wed, Jan. 31, 2018
The Al Fayoum governor, Sherif Habib, accompanied 200 students from 21 schools on a day trip to the Meidum Pyramid in a push to boost tourism to the site. The trip was organized by the Al Fayoum governorate and also visited the Al Fayoum oasis in order to shed light on the tourist attractions in Al Fayoum city.

1- Fayoum governor with school short trip - Five Photos
Al Fayoum governor with school students in Al Fayoum –

The day trip came as a part of a governorate-wide initiative targeting school students from a primary level and up to change attitudes towards Al-Fayoum city.
Habeb participated in cultural, entertainment and sport activities with the students during their visit in addition to posing for photo opportunities. He also acted as their guide and showed them the great history of their city, according to a press release from the governorate.

2- School students with Al- Fayoum governorate at Meidum Pyramids
School students with Al Fayoum governor at Meidum Pyramid, Al Fayoum –
This short visit also made for a fantastic day out for the children as they will doubtless look forward to visiting again with their family and friends, the trip may have also cultivated an interest for the history of their area amongst some.
The Meidum Pyramid is the oldest pyramid in history located 30 kilometers northeast of Madinat Al Fayoum, what remains are the ruins of the first true Pyramid attempted by ancient Egyptians which began as an eight stepped structure.
The pyramid dates back to between 2637-2613 BC as Pharaoh Huni commissioned the pyramid around 4,700 years ago, however, it was his son Sneferu who was responsible for the actual building.
3- Collapsed Pyramid of Senfru - Wikimedia
Meidum Pyramid in Al Fayoum, October 2, 2005 - Wikimedia

From the Meidum Pyramid, the entire oasis is visible, which is also considered as the oldest oasis town in the world housing rare monuments attributed to pharaonic dynasties.
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