Galt El Azraq – Press image via The Hiking Club Galt El Azraq – Press image via The Hiking Club

Hike el-Galt el-Azraq, watch mesmerizing scenery

Thu, Jul. 13, 2017
CAIRO - 13 July 2017: If you want to get out of the city, discover the beauty of nature in the valleys near St. Catherine city.

A three-day event with the Hiking Club of Egypt will take place in South Sinai in July which includes hiking and camping near the mountains as well as swimming in natural pools.

Water between mountains – Press image via The Hiking Club

A two day walk from the city of Saint Catherine, in the mountains of South Sinai, is Galt El Azraq, a natural pool created by rain water and underground streams.

It will definitely be worth the hiking and waiting for a whole two days and two nights in the valleys.

Astonishing view of the gulf – Press image via The Hiking Club

Camels are provided to carry luggage between the valleys so that you can walk lightly with your camping equipment. Other sights, like Kharazet El-Shaq, Nosrat El-Nemr and Berry Canyon, are on the list.

The trip includes a two-day hike, meals during rests along the way, two nights camping in the valleys and endless beauty, as well as a very warm-hearted team at a price of LE 1,900 ($106).

The water spring – Press image via The Hiking Club

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