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Fares El-Desoky faces Suraf Guzal in Pittsburgh Squash Final

Sun, Jan. 26, 2020
On, Sunday, the final match of the Pittsburgh Squash Championship, Fares El-Desouki, a Sporting No. 11 player in the world, will face his Indian counterpart, Suraf Guzal, ranked No. 13, in the final match of the tournament.

The tournament is hosted by the United States of America, held from January 22 to January 26, and the value of the prizes for the championship is about 47 thousand dollars.

The Egyptian duo Fares El-Desouky and Omar Mosaad had succeeded in qualifying for this round out of five Egyptians who participated in the tournament, and Mohamed El-Sherbiny came out after the loss in the quarter-final, while Zahid Salem bid farewell to the tournament from the round of 16, and Karim El-Hamami lost in the first round.

Fares El-Desouky qualified for the final match after defeating French Gregor Marsh in the semi-final by three runs against a half-game in a match that lasted 62 minutes, while Omar Massad bid farewell to the tournament after losing against the Indian Sourav Gouzal 3-0 in a match that lasted 73 minutes and the result of the games was as follows: 11-6, 16-18, 11-7, 12-10.

Since the start of the current season last September, Egypt has dominated the major titles, where Mohamed El-Shourbagy and Nour El-Tayeb were crowned with the first championship which is the China Open, and El-Shourbagy and Renim El-Waili were crowned the San Francisco championship, and he beat Farag in the American Open, then Karim Abdel-Gawad won the two Egyptian international championships that It was held at the foot of the pyramids and Channel Vaz, Nour El Sherbiny won the World Championship for the second time in a row and the fourth in its history, and finally Tariq Momen was crowned world champion with the team.

The last GB Morgan Championship held in New York in mid-January was the first major championship in 2020, when Egyptian champion Mohamed El-Shourbagy crowned him after defeating his compatriot Tariq Moamen, to restore the top of the world rankings, which was dominated by Faraj Wadi player Tigris throughout 11 A month in a row, since he defeated Shorbaji in the same tournament last year.

In the women's competition, Nour El-Sherbiny lost to the French ranked No. 5 in the world, which managed to overcome the first three positions in the world rankings during her journey towards the title of championship.
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