Ezz El Din Bahader - FILE Ezz El Din Bahader - FILE

Bahader joins 6th of October club, oldest player in the history

Wed, Jan. 22, 2020
Ezz El Din Bahader, 75 years old, joined formally the ranks of 6th October Club in the third division clubs, to become the oldest professional player in the world.

The Egyptian Football Association registered Bahader during the current winter registration period, after he signed for the 6 October Club.

Walid Al-Attar, the Federation's executive director, received in his office the player and club officials when they came to complete the registration procedures.

Ezz El Din Bahader is preparing to put his name in the Guinness Records, as he begins participating with his club in the matches.

Bahader is expected to participate in two full games with his team in order to agree to break the record.

6th of October club's coach, Ahmed Abdel Ghani, the star Haras El Hedoud and the former Egyptian national team, described signing Bahader, as "Out of patriotism,".
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