Handball: Egypt thrashed Gabon in the AFCON quarter-finals


Tue, 21 Jan 2020 - 08:21 GMT

Egyptian handball team - file

Egyptian handball team - file

Egypt's handball team thrashed the Gabonese national team in the quarter-finals of the African Nations Championship in Tunisia.

Egypt defeated Gabon 36-17 in the quarter-finals, on Monday. The quarter-finals round is set to end on Wednesday by facing Angola.

The first half ended with the Egyptian team winning 20-7.

The first and second group that includes Egypt, Angola, Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo qualify for the semi-finals, to face one of the top of the second group from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Cap Verde.

Egypt defeated the Democratic Republic of Congo with a score of 28-19 at the end of the group stage matches, to enable the Pharaohs to get the full mark.

The holder of the current edition of the African Cup Nations will qualify directly to the Tokyo Olympics, while the second-place player will play the international play-offs.

Egypt and the Democratic Republic of the Congo qualify for the quarter-finals, together with the teams of Angola and Gabon, from Group Two.

The Pharaohs qualified with two points from a victory over the Democratic Republic of the Congo and equally with Angola, a winner over Gabon.

Egypt will play on Monday, at 1 pm against Gabon, to finish the quarter-final matches against Angola at five in the evening Wednesday.

The first and second places in the new group qualify for the semi-final stage, which eliminates the knockout system.

The second group in the quarter-finals includes Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Cape Verde.



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