Al-Hilal's chances are equal with Al Ahly & ES Etoile: Hamada Sidky


Mon, 30 Dec 2019 - 07:23 GMT

Hamada Sidky - FILE

Hamada Sidky - FILE

Egyptian coach, Hamada Sidky, Sudanese Al Hilal coach, believes that the competition is on fire between three clubs in the first group of the African Champions League.

"We have two games left in Sudan against ES Etoile and Al-Ahly, and we will face Platinum Stars in Zimbabwe," Sidki said to Masaa` Al Anwar.

He added, "I see that the chances are equal between Al-Hilal, Al-Ahly and ES Etoile. We need to resolve our matches in Sudan and win them both."

"I thought of a tie, but the victory gave us great hope, and the enthusiasm of the players and the aspiration of the fans to qualify and reach the longest range were increased," Hamada Sidki said.

"Al Hilal players felt fear of ES Etoile in the first half, but our players were men, and with the passage of time ES Etoile became nervous, and we succeeded in taking advantage of the counterattack."

Al-Hilal Al-Sudan is equal with Al-Ahly and ES Etoile with six points, while Platinum is at the bottom without points.



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