Mohsen Saleh praises Ramadan Sobhy


Mon, 11 Nov 2019 - 09:58 GMT

Ramadan Sobhy with Egyptian National team, Al Youm7 image courtesy

Ramadan Sobhy with Egyptian National team, Al Youm7 image courtesy

Mohsen Saleh, head of the planning committee for the football sector in Al-Ahly, explained the reason for the development of the player Ramadan Sobhi in the recent period.

"Ramadan was selfish and show-minded and only thought about himself, but his thought matured and got rid of individuality, and he realize that the interest of the team is more important than highlighting his skills," Saleh said.

"What helps Ramadan to develop his level, that he is strong and fast and has great confidence in his abilities, and exploits his physical abilities in front of competitors, all of which help him to improve the level he has shown in the last two seasons in the English league."

Mohsen Saleh spoke about former Al Ahly player Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, who is currently a professional at Aston Villa.

"The feared coach laughs at people by involving players who are offensive in nature so that the media and the public do not blame him for being a defensive coach, but at the same time assigning them tasks that do not fit their abilities."

"Trezeguet improved recently because he began to focus more in the front half, which is commensurate with the nature of his position and abilities," said Mohsen Saleh.

Trezeguet scored his second consecutive goal with Aston Villa on Sunday against Wolves in the Premier League despite a 2-1 defeat.



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