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Know the results of CIB Egypt International Open Squash draw

Mon, Sep. 16, 2019
CAIRO 16 September 2019: A press conference was held on Sunday to announce the details of the tournaments "CIB Squash Women's World Championship 2019-2020" and "CIB Egypt International Open Squash 2019", which is classified in the platinum category, in a hotel in Cairo, where the tournaments start from 24 October to November 1, 2019 at the Pyramids.

The tournaments include the best international squash players, both men and women, such as Ali Farag, the world number one for men, and Wadi Degla’s Raneem Al Waily, Women No. 1, in addition to Nour El Sherbini, world champion and second place, and Mohamed Al Shorbagi, the second place in men list.

The total CIB World Squash Championship 2019-2020 awards total $ 430,000, while the CIB Egypt International Open Squash 2019 Men's Platinum awards total $ 185,000.

The conference will be attended by the following:

Leigh Bechel, President of the International Squash Federation, Assem Khalifa, President of the Egyptian Squash Federation, Ahmed Youssef, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority, Hisham Ezz El Arab, Chairman and Managing Director, CIB, Hussein Abaza, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of CIB Amr Mansi, tournament director, founder and CEO of IEVENTS.
Some of the clashes have been determined, while others are waiting for the qualifying phase. The tournament starts in the round of 64.

Draw for the World Championship for Women in CIB PSA
Ranim El Welily (Egypt) - Sana Ibrahim (Egypt)
Olivia Blatchford Klein (USA) - Menna Hamed (Egypt)
Julian Curtis (England) - Leo Tz-Ling (Hong Kong)
Allison Waters (England)
Salma Hany (Egypt) - Rachel Arnold (Mas)
Emily Whitelock (England) - Alexandra Fuller
Rawan Al Arabi (Egypt) - Lucy Tormel (England)
Melissa Alves (France) vs Nour El Tayeb (Egypt)
Sarah Jane Perry (England) vs James Arribago
Rachel Greenham v. Sarah Cardwell
Colin O'Mard (France) - Daniel Litorno (Canada)
Nada Abbas (Egypt) - Tysny Evans (Wales)
Victoria Lost (England) - Eva Azman (Mas)
Tiny Gillis (Belgium) - Enora Villard (France).
Nellie Gillis (Belgium) - Sonina Korovilla (India)
Le Weern (Mas) - Nuran Gohar (Egypt)
Camille Serm (France) - Reham Sedky (United States)
Mili Tomlinson (England) - Lee Ka Yi (Hong Kong)
Joy Chan - Melnai Luo
Lisa Aitken vs. Yathrib Adel (Egypt)
Hania Al - Hamami (Egypt) - Yasmine Hutton
Donna Le Pen against Ineta
Milo van der Heiden - Menna Nasser (Egypt)
Sivasangari Subramaniam v. Amanda Sobhy (United States of America)
Joel King - Tsing Wing Tong
Zeina Mekkawi (Egypt) vs Emilia Sweeney
Nadine Shaheen (Egypt) vs Cindy Merlo
Olivia Fletcher (USA) v. Annie O.
Joshna Chinabba (India) vs. Haley Mendez (United States)
Maryam Metwally (Egypt) - He is Tzie Look
Holly Nutton (Canada) - Farida Mohamed (Egypt)
Rachel Chadwick (England) - Nour El Sherbini (Egypt)

CIB draw for Men
Ali Farag
Amr Mosaad
Nicolas Muller v. Vikram Malhotra
Mazen Hisham (Egypt) vs Karim Ali Fathy (Egypt)
Max Li (Hong Kong) vs. Ivan Yuen (Malaysia)
Darryl Selby (England)
Chris Simpson (England) vs Edmond Lopez (Spain)
Mohamed Abou El Ghar (Egypt)
Paul Cole (New Zealand)
Lucas Seram vs. Omar Abdel Majeed (Egypt)
Gregoire Marche (France)
Iker Paragis Bernabeu (Spain) - Mohamed El Sherbini (Egypt)
Sourav Guzal (India)
Tz Fung Yip (Hong Kong) - Mazen Gamal (Egypt)
Fares Desouky (Egypt)
Simon Rosner (Germany)
Karim Abdel Gawad (Egypt)
Greg Le Pen (Scotland) - Karim El Hamami (Egypt)
Leo O (Hong Kong) - Ramit Tandon (India)
Adrian Waller (England) - Youssef Ibrahim (Egypt)
George Parker (England) - Nathan Lake (England)
Marwan El Shorbagy (Egypt)
Mustafa Assal (Egypt) - Alan Klein (Scotland)
Diego Elias (Peru)
Miguel Rodriguez (Colombia)
Borja Golan (Spain) vs Baptiste Masuti (France)
Rafael Kandra (Germany) vs. Mustafa Sarti
Ian Yoo Ng (Malaysia) vs Yahya Alnosani (Egypt)
Cesar Salazar vs Todd Harriet (USA)
Zahid Salem (Egypt)
Joel McCain
Tarek Moamen
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