7 Creative & Professional Makeup Tricks By Dina Ragheb



Tue, 12 Jan 2021 - 04:28 GMT


Tue, 12 Jan 2021 - 04:28 GMT

Professional MUA Dina Ragheb

Professional MUA Dina Ragheb

Have you ever thought that there is more to red lipstick than just a nice shade on your lips? Or that highlighters can do more than just bring out some features? The answer is yes, and learning these creative tricks can only be picked up by a professional. Our team has spoken to the glamorous makeup guru and beauty advisor, Dina Ragheb, where she shares with us out-of-the ordinary tricks and some of her secret makeup touches. The renowned makeup artist is known for her flawless signature makeup looks that are easily identified for their glam.

Here are some of Dina Ragheb makeup secrets to try now:

Red or Orange Lipstick As A Corrector

For ladies who have under eye dark circles, orange correctors work like a charm in concealing any uneven tone and brightening up the eye. As an alternative to a corrector, use a light red or orange lipstick and gently tab a little bit of it around the dark circles before applying your concealer to avoid the greyish or blueish tone that the concealer creates without a corrector.


Highlighter for a blur effect

The most common use of highlighter is to bring out certain features like the cheekbones, but surprisingly highlighters can be used all over the complexion for a blurring effect and to hide any skin imperfections. This trick can help you apply less foundation in lighter layer and still get the perfect coverage you want. Opt for a liquid highlighter and use it all over your face before applying the foundation. Make sure the highlighter is very well blended to keep the makeup look natural.


Dry eyelash mascara for your Eyebrows

Instead of tossing away your old mascara, try this trick. You can use your old eyelashes mascara that has dried out to brush your eyebrows. It will leave a very light and natural tint of color and will give a great definition to the shape of the brow without it ending looking blocky.


Light peach eyeshadow for the lips and the cheeks

This multiuse shade is very versatile and is considered a transitional color. You can use a light peach eyeshadow as a blusher that will give your cheeks a natural glow, or you can tab a little bit of it on your lipstick to mattify it and make it stay longer.


Eye pencils as smokey eyes primer

Use the eye pencil as a base for your eyeshadow when creating a smokey eye look. This technique will intensify your eyeshadow and won’t looked washed out. Also a very well sharpened eye pencil can be used to replace an eyeliner. To give depth to your lower lashes, use a sharp eye pencil to define your lashes, and with a cotton swap, gently smudge the line for a softer look.


Foundation and highlighter for the body

To contour, highlight and accentuate certain parts of the body like the beauty bone - the collar bone -, mix foundation and highlighter together and apply on the desired area to illuminate the skin.


Gloss and blusher for glass skin

Glass skin is among the top makeup trends, that gives your skin a luminous and a glowing fresh look. If you ever wondered how, here is the tip; mix your blusher with a little bit of gloss, apply on your cheeks, et voila!

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