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Tue, 08 Sep 2020 - 10:52 GMT


Tue, 08 Sep 2020 - 10:52 GMT

Asser Yassin’s recent ad takes social media by storm revealing a few glimpses of the exclusive Vodafone RED Revamp.

Asser Yassin’s recent ad takes social media by storm revealing a few glimpses of the exclusive Vodafone RED Revamp.

The latest Vodafone ad featuring the skillful and lively dancing performance of the Charismatic Egyptian Actor Asser Yassin has been engraved in our minds ever since it first popped up to bless everybody’s timeline on social media.


Asser Yassin’s moves while indulging the RED lifestyle oozes confidence and grace causing interest to spike among the myriads of viewers. Every single aspect of the ad from the simplicity of the choreography, the creativity of the set and the strikingly familiar RED color, has grabbed everyone’s attention leaving their eyes stuck to the screen the entire 1 and a half minute. The glimpses of the revamp that were shown in the ad manifests how the RED experience adds to Vodafone top-notch customers’ daily routine by granting them a handful of premium offers and various entertainment services.


First and foremost, since the number one network is always keen on connecting its customers with their loved ones regardless of any circumstances, RED customers have the ability to share their exclusive bundles with their families along with prolonging their moments of connection through sharing their minutes as well to call each for free.

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As for fulfilling the entertainment aspect, the RED Revamp has got it covered from every possible angle. The RED customers get to rejoice over their free DSL bundle for adding instant entertainment around the clock to their routine through subscriptions to the top highly demanded services including OSN Steaming, Shahid VIP and Watch IT. In addition to the constant option to stream music freely wherever they are with Angahami subscription. It’s like carrying around a portable radio only with on demand music.


What makes it even better is that these services don’t stop there, but they can also be available overseas granting the RED customers the privilege of taking their bundle abroad to freely consume it while roaming. This shows how the RED lifestyle simply sums up all the possible features one would need when it comes to staying connected and entertained 24/7 without any barriers or limits.


Another remarkable proof of how Vodafone never disappoints when it comes to pampering its RED customers is the RED Points Program dedicated to making shopping much more fun and interesting through easing the hassle of dwelling on buying habits. The program allows the RED customers to collect points on their purchases in a wide network of Vodafone partners and on their Vodafone bill. They also have the option to redeem their points in any of Vodafone Stores and those of Vodafone partners anytime they like and without limits.


All of the above-mentioned services are a huge reminder that the RED lifestyle isn’t something a Vodafone customer should miss out on when they have the option to embrace a unique daily experience that would improve their quality of life.




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