Cairo receives visitors from 5 countries as airports open up



Fri, 03 Jul 2020 - 10:01 GMT


Fri, 03 Jul 2020 - 10:01 GMT

FILE - Egypt receives tourists as airports open up, July 1

FILE - Egypt receives tourists as airports open up, July 1

CAIRO – 3 July 2020: Cairo International Airport on Thursday night received five flights from France, UK, Italy, Belgium and Lebanon, carrying 801 visitors on the third day of Egypt’s resumption of international flights amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

The flight from Paris carried 131 passengers, the second from Belgium carries 125 passengers, the third carried 118 people from Italy, while the fourth and fifth carried 139 people and 289 visitors from London and Beirut respectively.

Late in June, Tourism Minister Khaled Al-Enani on his Instagram account said Egypt is prepared to welcome tourists back in the governorates of South Sinai, the Red Sea and Matrouh starting July, adding that authorities decided to resume international flights to some cities amid the coronavirus crisis.

“With its beautiful sandy beaches, its warm sun and crystal blue waters, Egypt is ready to welcome tourists back” in the three governorates, Enani said.

This came following a trip he posted pictures of him while making, to Matrouh, the North Coast and Alexandria, to follow up on hotels and resorts that received the ministry’s “Hygiene Safety Certificate,” which enables these hotels to receive foreign guests, as they take the required preventive measures to protect tourists from the novel coronavirus.

Enani said he also visited El-Alamein Hospital in Matrouh, El-Montazah in the Mediterranean governorate of Alexandria, in addition to a number of museums and archaeological sites in both governorates that are getting ready to open their doors to visitors soon.

The following are the rules set by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquitiesfor the re-opening of touristic establishments:

• The establishment must receive the "Health Safety Certificate" from the ministry before operation.

• The establishment must abide by the instructions designated by the Ministry of Health and Population for central AC use.

• The establishment's manager must sign a statement affirming commitment to the rules.

• If a violation is proved, the license is revoked and the establishment is shut down.

• The establishment operates with half capacity until further notice.

• Social distancing must be ensured, and tables must be placed 2 meters from each other.

• Elevators must operate with half capacity.

• Playgrounds must be shut down, and serving shisha must be banned as well as holding any parties or gatherings.

• Cloth table covers shall not be used and preferably substituted by one-use covers. In case cloth table covers are used, they must be changed after each client leaves.

• It is advised to use one-use dishes and eating tools as much as possible, and make sanitizers and wipes available on table.

• Floor stickers for social distancing must be put in order to organize the queues of toilets and elevators.

• Frequent sterilization of door handles and taps is necessary.

• Toilets must be sanitized after being used by each client,using the detergents indicated by the Ministry of Health and Population. Also, furniture and cloth fabrics must be sanitized frequently.

• Open buffets are banned.

• The establishment must install banners stating that those showingsymptoms may not enter the place.

• Hand sanitizers must be made available at the establishment's entrance. And, signs clarifying safety guidelines must be put everywhere.

• Foot pedal trash cans must be put in toilets and kitchens.

• The establishment must follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and Population when disposing of trash. The place must also be well aired, and AC filters must be cleaned periodically.

• Only half the staff at restaurants can serve customers until further notice.

• The body temperature of workers must be measured daily, and the Ministry of Health and Population must be informed of any cases detected.

• Protective equipment and sanitizers supplied by companies and accredited by the Ministry of Health and Population must be made available for workers.

• Workers must put on masks, and those showing symptoms must not be allowed to work.

• Social distancing must be ensured at kitchens, and raising the awareness of workers on infection risks and protective measures is a must.

• Crowdedness at the establishment's entrance must be reduced by prior reservation, and the temperature of customers must be measured.

• For the take-away service, a meter must be kept between each customer and the other inside the restaurant while ordering. Then, the customer has to wait outside until the order is ready, and handed by a worker.

• Only twochildren aged below 12 are allowed with guests in the room.

• Non-guest customers are allowed in the restaurants and gyms of hotels and resorts, while abiding by the maximum operation capacity.

• Spas are still banned.

• The room must be aired for 12 hours after sterilization between the check-out and the check-in.

• Before and after taking holidays, workers must be quarantined for 14 days.

• The number of tourists per group shall not exceed 25.

• Travel agencies have to provide tourists with masks.

• The number of visitors in larger museums and smaller ones must not exceed 200 and 100 per hour, respectively.



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