Palm trees: friends of Egypt since dawn of time



Sun, 25 Jun 2017 - 09:35 GMT


Sun, 25 Jun 2017 - 09:35 GMT

Palm at Beer Wahed Oasis Siwa – Nancy Ragab

Palm at Beer Wahed Oasis Siwa – Nancy Ragab

RAS SUDR, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt - 25 June 2017: Palm trees have been the best friend of Egyptians since the dawn of time. They are well known on the banks of the Nile, desert oases in Sinai and along the sea shores.

Palm trees are the source of dates. The weather and humidity affect the taste. The coastal palm trees have red and yellow dates that ripen quickly; dates are a very delicious seasonal fruit.

Palm trees in Luxor – Mahmoud Taha

The Oasis palm trees have fruits that are extra sweet and can be stored all year long.

Palm trees in Sinai – Nancy Ragab

Locals have made the best out of palm trees. The palm leaves are used for both shelters and for making fire. A shelter made by palm leaves and wood gives a beautiful, earthy feeling. Tables, chairs and beds can also be made from the palm tree.

Palm tree in Wadi Feiran – Amr Abdulwahab

The wood from dead palm trees can make beautiful buildings or a cozy setting on the seashore.

A local Working on a palm – Karim Saed



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