Inertia: Building New Realities By Making The Impossible Possible



Sun, 17 May 2020 - 02:22 GMT


Sun, 17 May 2020 - 02:22 GMT

Inertia: Building New Realities By Making The Impossible Possible

Inertia: Building New Realities By Making The Impossible Possible

Who said that realities could not be changed? Paving the way through doubts and reaching the impossible is the new normal.

The leading real estate company Inertia launched an innovative marketing campaign entitled "New Realities We Build".

Inertia’s marketing campaign is tailor made to empower the progressives, the people who own the real change, the future shapers; this has been Inertia’s intent throughout the years and the secret behind its success.

The campaign was first introduced to the market through unbranded vague billboards with taglines such as "Defying Gravity", "Do What Can’t Be Done”. The next phase showed the three figures posing with the scattered letters of the word Inertia and taglines such as “They Told Me It Would Never Work”. At the same time a series of teaser videos were posted featuring the figures’ faces, raising intriguing questions of who they were and a perception of what they did.

Finally came the reveal phase to feed our curiosity, through a video that features Nagwa Ghorab, Farah Awadallah and Sherif Hosny, taking us all through their journey

The real question is why did Inertia choose these personas in the first place? To answer this question we must first go through Inertia’s journey over the years.

The fastest growing real estate developer – Inertia – has been providing distinctive communities since 2007, not just buildings and projects, but the company has chosen to provide a different way of living for its customers. And for a developer to reach such goals in such a short period, it had to overcome a serious load of obstacles and hardships. In addition to being told that their dream was impossible, unachievable, same as the three figures they have chosen in “New Realities We Build”. Which shows us the real values, this company is keen on delivering to the public.

You can find the three figures unique stories down below:

Nagwa ghorab:
For Nagwa, retirement wasn’t the end, but rather a new beginning to achieve all her dreams and goals. It all started when the 77-year-old International Masters Team swimming champion, Ghorab, retired from her teaching job, and decided to dive back into the Olympian pool at sixty. Ghorab competed in six world championships for seniors and won 11 international medals.

Sherif Hosny:
Sherif is an urban developer that strongly believes in the climate effects on our nature and society. From that perspective, Sherif founded Schaduf, an organization that provides green urban solutions to elevate the quality of life through environmental and social change. Schaduf provides a simple but a successful model of utilizing rooftops to grow food. This model comes also to aid the unprivileged to help them find a constant source of an income.

Farah Awadallah:
Polo is known to be a male-centric sport, called the “Kings’ Sport”, and while not having much of a female presence in the scene, came Farah Awadallah. The 23 years old young athlete who formed the first Egyptian-female polo team. She made up her mind to gather the women in the different Polo teams and unite them to form a team of their own. It is a pretty good achievement to have such a young figure with her team, achieving so many tournaments and titles.

Inertia is a leading Egyptian real estate company that develops distinctive, valuable, and dynamic projects in different parts of Egypt. Since 2007, Inertia has been thriving through projects that cater to today's cosmopolitan clientele, whether in the energetic Cairo, by the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea, or on the enchanting Red Sea.

Inertia provides more than just properties, it aims to establish close-knit and active communities. They are selective with their properties as they only choose distinguished projects that offer valuable homes and a gratifying lifestyle aligned with contemporaneous needs.

Their developments includes cutting edge medical centres such as Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, residential properties like West Hills, G Cribs in El Gouna, Soleya, Brix, Joulz, Veranda in Sahl Hasheesh, and the mega-project Jefaira in the North Coast. In every project, Inertia ensures estimable developments with immaculate designs, overlooking scenic vistas, and a warm, vibrant community. Today, Inertia’s properties are peerless, guaranteeing their residents quality of design, service, and ambiance.





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