OLX introduces fresh solutions to protect customers, employees from COVID-19


Sun, 29 Mar 2020 - 12:57 GMT

E-Marketing - Reuters

E-Marketing - Reuters

As the threat of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) keeps growing worldwide, imposing restrictions over the freedom of movement, OLX had to adopt a set of procedures that aim at preserving the safety and security of its customers and staff.

OLX’s business model depends mainly on direct interaction between people, therefore, the platform– out of its responsibility towards its community – announces its brand new delivery service and encourage its customers to follow a safety guide to protect against the COVID-19 threat.

This safety guide include a number of tips and procedures for preventing exposures to, and infection with, COVID-19.

These tips include:
- Clean and sanitize cell phones and personal computers at a daily basis.
- Avoid meeting a buyer or a seller if either is feeling certain symptoms such as coughing, shortness of breath and/or high body temperature.
- Sanitize the product before meeting with a buyer.
- Sanitize the purchased product before using.
- Avoid touching your face before washing your hands first.
- Avoid shaking hands.
- Use e-payment services for money transactions.
- Be extra cautious when dealing in cash money.
- Avoid using public transpiration when meeting with a buyer or a seller.
- Use the OLX’s delivery service for more safety and security. 
The delivery service is also one of the services offered by OLX to facilitate the buying and selling process and provide a more comfortable and safe environment for its customers.

The service will be available for all the platform’s categories, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, kitchen equipment and gadgets, clothes, accessories and baby supplies in addition to auto parts.

The service is currently active in Cairo and Giza and will be expanded to cover all of Egypt’s governorates soon.

Users can enjoy the service by filling an online delivery form with all the data required for the delivery process such as the name, phone number and detailed address of both the seller and the buyer in addition to the product details required for delivery.

The price of the service does not exceed 50 EGP for each shipment; 5 EGP are added to each additional kilogram, provided that the value of the service is added to the price of the product in the form after filling in the data, then the delivery company deducts it from the money collected from the buyer.

The estimated delivery date for buyers is up to four working days and 3-7 working days for sellers starting from the day the buyer receives the shipment, as the shipping company will acquire the money and deliver it to the seller in cash.

General Manager of OLX Egypt Ms. Dina Gobran has stressed that the current difficult circumstances make it imperative for users to follow the safety procedures and enjoy OLX’s distinctive delivery service, which can help them complete their purchases, based on the commitment of OLX to protect and preserve the safety of its customers and employees.

Ms. Gobranfurther pointed out that OLX is working on upgrading its payment options to be easier and more flexible and facilitate operations through its platform, making it more safe and convenient.

Spanning across five continents, around 45 countries, and used by 350 million people every month, OLX build leading destinations forbuying, selling, and exchanging products and services.

OLX provides a platform for individuals locally to buy, sell or exchange commodities, products and services through a number of trademarks including OLX, Avito, Dubizzle, Let Go, Stradia, Storia,

OLX is estimated to facilitate approximately 17 million trades every month, ranging from cars and furniture to electronics and clothing.

OLX Group is powered by a team of 5,000 people, working on 17 brands, from 35 offices across five continents.

The team's mission is to improve people's lives by facilitating trade, profitable deals and creating prosperous opportunities in local communities. OLX is witnessing significant growth in the MENA region in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar and Saudi



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