Hurghada's fish market to be renovated as tourist attraction



Sun, 09 Feb 2020 - 02:27 GMT


Sun, 09 Feb 2020 - 02:27 GMT

Fish at Hurghada's fish market - Egypt Today

Fish at Hurghada's fish market - Egypt Today

CAIRO - 9 February 2020: Although the job of a shepherd has almost gone extinct in the Red Sea governorate as resorts and tourism prevailed in the area, fishing is still in high demand, as clearly seen every day in Hurghada's fish market.

Some shepherds still exist in the south of the governorate, and none of them are seen in the north. Fishermen, however, still work in the entire Red Sea. The fish market in Hurghada, is particularly active, as it is the departure and arrival station of fishermen in the city.

A view of the fish market

To the locals of Hurghada, the fish market in heritage, a place that tells the history of the city. It shows the "real" Red Sea of fish sellers, fishermen, local buyers, as well as tourists from a wide range of nationalities.

The fish market is located right next to a workshop that makes boats and the mosque of the old arbor, a combination that made travel agency tell their clients that this particular area is a part of the history of Hurghada.

Tourists at the fish market

Head of the Tourist Guides Syndicate of Hurghada, Bashar Abu Taleb, says tourists visit the fish market on their own for several times during their holiday to observe the culture that the market offers.

The place, however, needs renovation. Governor of the Red Sea said a plan to develop the area will provide logistic services inside the fish market, and will take into consideration the nature of the city. A parking lot and food court will be attached to the market, as well as shops to clean the fish and others to cook them.



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