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Fri, 16 Jun 2017 - 04:05 GMT


Fri, 16 Jun 2017 - 04:05 GMT

Temraza new collection - courtesy Farida Temraz

Temraza new collection - courtesy Farida Temraz

CAIRO – 16 June 2017: Fashion design is thriving in Egypt, and one astonishing designer is Farida Temraz. Temraz is a 26-year-old fashion designer who became recognized around the world in a short time.

Temraz’s passion for design started at age 7. As she grew up, her dream grew up with her. She graduated from the American University in Cairo in integrated marketing communications and minored in psychology and business administration. She recently earned her master's degree in marketing, also from AUC.

She used what she studied in university to create her brand, Temraza, in 2012.

After she graduated from university in 2012, she worked in the field of business and marketing, but found herself working in fashion and designing gowns. Hence, she developed her brand from scratch. She started setting off to work concentrating on her designs and developing her brand, Temraza. Her academic background helped her create her fashion designs, marketing strategy and designing a logo.
Temraza new collection -

In 2015 she was invited to Paris fashion week and won the first place that year. Ever since, she has become an iconic fashion designer in Egypt and the Middle East.

Her love for fashion made her design unique designs and outstanding gowns. She combines materials from all over the world (it’s preferred to give examples of some countries), but she creates the pieces in Egypt she wants to bring the Egyptian fashion industry onto the fashion map and to trigger it.

What makes Temraz and her team unique is their close attention to detail. Each piece she creates tells a story ranging from fierce, elegant looks to royalty. Her specialty is to understand the client's body shape and, accordingly, she designs something that fits the client’s body.
Additionally, she cares about her customer service, and told Egypt Today that the most important thing in her work is customer care. For instance, when she had a scholarship for a design course in the United States in July, she called all her clients and asked them if she could deliver their orders two weeks early, before she traveled, and they agreed. If someone had said no, she said, she would have canceled her trip to the U..S and stayed until the delivery time.

Her Executive collection was inspired by women’s empowerment. This collection was showcased in February 2017.

Farida Temraz on the runway at the Art Hearts Fashion Runway, September 2016 - courtesy Farida Temraz

“I believe that all women are beautiful. I often aim to highlight a woman’s figure, encouraging women to wear pieces that are in harmony with their bodies,” she told AUC News.

She designed her collection to honor successful working women or female executives. The collection had many different cuts yet was practical. The colors she used most were gold and white.

Now, Temraz is working on a new project also relevant to women’s empowerment. It will be launched in the second week of July and is an eco-friendly fashion collection. She will use a new kind of fabric that hasn’t been used before in fashion. This eco-friendly fashion line will be a surprise to all of her followers and fans, she said.



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