Rapid completion rates for "El Batal" projects to deliver units to clients one year: Emad Doss



Tue, 08 Oct 2019 - 11:22 GMT


Tue, 08 Oct 2019 - 11:22 GMT

El Batal for Housing and Development, (El Batal Group)

El Batal for Housing and Development, (El Batal Group)

El Batal for Housing and Development, (El Batal Group) announced it will launch the largest residential compound in Cairo’s Sheraton Heliopolis this coming November.

This came during a field tour the company organized in some of its distinguished projects attended by El Batal CEO, Eng.Emad Doss, and a number of the company’s officials, media figures and journalists in order to get acquainted with the progress of construction works in its projects as well as what has been achieved on the ground.

“The company accelerated the implementation of the steps of increasing its capital in light of its strong desire to speed up the completion of the existing series of projects in East and West Cairo and deliver it to clients a year ahead the deadline of the scheduled handover.” He said.

He pointed out that the company is studying a variety of investment opportunities in various residential, service and other sectors.

Doss pointed out that “El Batal for Housing and Development is in the process of invading the industrial sector and expanding its works in Al-AinSokhna, and will soon announce the establishment of a joint entity through merger with Chinese investors.

“The business history of El Batal for Housing and Development in Egypt and Canada’s Ontario province increased the confidence of foreign capital and major entities in cooperation with the company.” Doss said.

He stressed the company's keenness in mergers with foreign entities because those entities bring foreign currency from banks and financial institutions abroad into Egypt that contributes to the strengthening of the economy.

He explained that the year 2020 is likely to become the year of industry with the care of the state and the political leadership to support the industry-directed investments.
“There are companies and capitals that want to invest in the Egyptian market and implement various industrial projects because the market has a high population density in addition to the lower land prices, lower laborers salaries and lower operating costs compared to the Middle East countries.”

El Batal CEO revealed that the company through its project "Rock Elite" in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement units is in harmony with the requirements of foreign clients and it helps achieve the state's plan to export real estate. “Through this project, El Batal offers fully integrated and finished hotel service units with all electrical appliances. Furnishings are also available if required by the client in addition to the integrated services that meet different needs.”

"Rock Elite" is a mega building includes 112 housing units with hotel services ranging from 50 to 100 meters in addition to a commercial area of 3000 meters and an administrative area of 2000 meters as well. The total area of the project is 3 acres and is located next to the AUC in the Fifth Settlement to be in the center of the city and the new administrative capital.

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