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Egypt activates bicycle initiatives nationwide

Thu, Sep. 5, 2019
CAIRO – 5 September 2019: As part of the government’s effort to apply eco-friendly bicycle initiatives nationwide, the Ministry of Environment conducted a pilot project entitled “Bicycle is a Means of Transportation” in Fayoum governorate, southwest of Cairo.

In cooperation with the UNDP, the minister launched the initiative which urges University students and the teaching staff to use bicycles as a means of transportation, according to the ministry's statement issued on Sept. 4.

Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad affirmed the ministry cooperated with Fayoum governorate to activate this project, which requires proper management, periodic maintenance, preservation and insurance of bicycles.

The minister stressed the need to remove all obstacles to the use of bicycles, which contribute to saving energy and reducing emissions and air pollution, the statement added.

In 2016, the UNDP said Egypt has adopted sustainable transportation projects aiming to reduce the increasing CO2 emissions produced by cars as Cairo witnesses 2.5 million cars speeding along its streets daily.

The ministry’s project, which is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), will cover the cities of Shebin El-Kom and Fayoum, the UNDP report said, adding “290 bicycles have been purchased in Shebin El-Kom and 191 in Fayoum over the last 6 months.”

In August, the Cabinet announced that President Abdel Fath al-Sisi’s initiative, “A Bicycle for Every Citizen” will be activated in September when the academic year starts.
The Ministry of Higher Education announced that the Supreme council of Universities agreed on the initiative and every university will form a specialized committee to apply the initiative. The initiative aims at reducing pollution, and raising the level of students’ fitness.

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