The 6.59-Inch, Full HDHUAWEIY9 Prime 2019, Futuristic Tech in a Budget Smartphone



Mon, 27 May 2019 - 01:27 GMT


Mon, 27 May 2019 - 01:27 GMT

HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019

HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019

The HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 was developed primarily with students and young professionals in mind, users anxious to take advantage of their newfound independence, but also occasionally needing to put business before pleasure.

Equipped with the high-performance, low-power Kirin 710F chipset, and intelligent EMUI 9 operating system, the Stark contains a treasure trove of features, ranging from the exhilarating to the functional: AI-supported photography, a long battery life, high-end graphics, and a noteworthy aesthetic design… to name just a few. Its unique combination of advanced technology, revolutionary aesthetics design, and affordable pricing, provides us with a glimpse of the stylish and dynamic smartphones of the future.

An Eye-opening, Eye-soothing 6.59-inch FullView Display

Since full screen smartphones were first envisioned, several important design innovations have helped bring them closer to reality. However, most products that currently feature a so-called "bezel-less display" incorporate perforated or notched screens, which undermines the principle of a seamless, unobstructed surface. The HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 has taken a bold leap into the unknown, by envisioning a screen entirely free of holes, notches, or sliders, foran authentic full screen effect.

By relocating the front camera, earpiece, and ambient light sensor, the HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 achieves a sleek 19.5:9 screen aspect ratio. When streaming videos or gaming, the user can traverse distant landscapes and gaze into far-off horizons. Such is the effect of a 6.59-inch screen that accounts for a staggering 91% of the phone's body (AA/TP, Huawei lab data). The enlarged, all-encompassing screen brings out underlying visual tensions, transforming a simple glance into unblinking infatuation.

With a 2340 x 1080 Full HD display and a jam-packed pixel density of 391PPI, the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 screen appears to work like a magnifying glass, conveying detail on a minute scale. The wide color gamut of 85% produces a rich and vibrant visual tapestry, providing the magnified display with bold textures and vivid features.

Fortunately, the eye-catching screen comes free of the hazards generally associated with smartphone use. The HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 is equipped with an advanced Eye comfort mode, which filters out harmful blue light to prevent eye strain and fatigue. This function has passed rigorous tests for photo-biological safety, and been certified as effective by TÜV Rheinland.

A Pop-up Lens that Works like Magic

The higher screen-to-body ratio on the HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 comes courtesy of an innovative 16MP pop-upcamera. During normal use, the camera is hidden within the phone body. When the front camera is activated, for instance when taking selfies, it automatically emerges and hovers over the screen, like a submarine periscope appearing from under the surface. This futuristic design elegantly solves the issue of front camera placement, and expands the screen's range of view in the process.

The pop-up lens is propelled by a motor and lifting device that were developed from scratch. It takes only a second for the camera to emerge or retract, meaning that it is an extremely functional tool, rather than a technological curiosity.

Huawei has implemented strict and thorough reliability testing, to ensure that the front lens will continue to glide smoothly even after years of heavy use. The tests confirm that the pop-up lens can withstand the strain of 100,000 repetitions without being damaged, and that the front side can bear the direct force of a 12kg object. As a further safeguard, the phone is endowed with an intelligent drop protection function, which automatically detects when the phone is in free fall, and retracts the lens to the maximum extent possible, thereby mitigating the effect of the drop.

AI-Enhanced Photography

The HUAWEIY9 Prime’s front camera is supported by AI to automatically identify eight common photography scenes, including blue skies, greenery, indoor settings, and snowy landscapes. The 1.0µm pixels and F/2.2 aperture flawlessly adjust the lighting and background in portrait shots, furnishing them with a natural aura.

The front camera also possesses enhanced AI backlight imagery technology, an AI natural facial beautification algorithm, and 3D portrait lighting effects. The lighting and beauty effects can be calibrated according to the setting and user characteristics, with the subtlety of professional studio lighting.

The HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 is equipped with a 16MP + 8MP + 2MP triple rear camera system. The 16MP main camera and 8MP secondary camera utilize a 6P (six-lens plastic array) design, which helps capture crystal-clear images with a sterling level of detail and powerful light intake, resulting in improved resolution and contrasts. The F/1.8 aperture on the 16MP camera takes in 50% more light than the F/2.2 aperture more commonly seen, with low noise, and fast focusing. The 8MP sensor can take 120° wide-angle shots, bringing vast landscapes or cluttered skylines into breathtaking images. The 2MP sensor coordinates with the primary camera to generate a lifelike depth of field in the photo, enabling SLR-quality images on a palm-sized budget handset!Tools such as Night mode, and 480 FPS super slow motionvideos, bring a range of professional features within reach, accessible at the touch of a shutter.

Powerful, Efficient, Silky Smooth, and Dependable

The HUAWEIY9 Prime 2019 is equipped with the 12nm process Kirin 710F chipset, with eight-core architecture, for highperformance and maximum power efficiency. Compared with the previous-generation chipset, single-thread CPU performance is 75% higher, multi-thread performance is 68% higher, and GPU energy efficiency is doubled. Furthermore, overall performance is 30% higher, while energy consumption is actually 30% lower!The 4,000mAh large-capacity battery rates near the top of the market,and works hand in glove with the Kirin 710F chipset, interacting to provide optimal power efficiency, worthy of a phone with diverse, and power-intensive features.

The EMUI 9 operating system features cutting-edge F2FS 2.0 and EROFS technologies which clear cache and fragments from the system, increasing available space, and keeping the phone running for an extended period of time without the slightest lag.





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