Samsung launches the all-new 8K QLED TVs for the first time in Egypt



Wed, 24 Apr 2019 - 12:18 GMT


Wed, 24 Apr 2019 - 12:18 GMT

Samsung Electronics Egypt revealed its newest 8K TV today, during a press conference held in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza hotel

Samsung Electronics Egypt revealed its newest 8K TV today, during a press conference held in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza hotel

Cairo, Egypt – April 2019: Samsung Electronics Egypt revealed its newest 8K TV today, during a press conference held in the Four Seasons Nile Plaza hotel. The brand new 8K TVs present further advanced specs that mark a new era of TVs providing an unprecedented experience for the consumers. Samsung’s QLED 2019 series feature the new Samsung’s proprietary 8K Quantum Processor enabling a state-of-the-art resolution, high-quality picture in addition to a set of smart features coming in different sizes.

The new 8K TV features are supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, allowing it to recognize and enhance any content with any resolution and transmit it in high 8K definition.

The press conference also witnessed the launch of the new Super Big TVs for the first time, which was locally manufactured in Samsung’s Beni Suef plant. Super big TVs that comes in the size of 82 inches, matching the diverse interests and tastes of the consumers.

On the sidelines of the conference, Jaehwan Lee, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Egypt, stated, “With the launch of our new products, today, we have achieved several breakthroughs to take over the local market in Egypt which has a vital position in the region.”

Eng. Kassem Hassan, Head of the TVs department at Samsung Electronics Egypt, expressed his pride in the accomplishments the TV sector achieved over the past decade. “The TV sector witnessed rapid growth after the establishment of Samsung’s Beni Suef plant for TV manufacture,” stated Hassan, “Today; we are launching the locally manufactured Super Big TVs of 82 inches for the very first time in Egypt, and will later launch it in the MENA region markets. This reflects Samsung’s commitment to develop the TV sector in Egypt and enhance the local product’s positioning, thus making Egypt an exportation hub in the region and later across all continents.”

Furthermore, Samsung announced launching their new smart TVs dedicated for an unparalleled spectator experience of the CAN 2019 matches to be aired next June in Egypt. The new “Football TV 2019” features AI Upscaling, which highlights details, enhances clarity and resolution up to 4K/8K in some models, in addition to edge and noise reduction, offering a vibrant dynamic screen display for spectators. This comes in line with Samsung’s Cup Campaign, which launched its first phase during the World Cup matches.

Samsung’s new smart TVs also present new features including the “Smart View” feature that allows users to easily recognize and connect to devices through Auto Detect. Moreover, user will be able to manage these devices with “One Remote”.

Unprecedented Visual Quality with the all-new Quantum Processor

The new QLED 2019 TVs featuring 8K technology and the Quantum Processor, now offers a whole new level of elevated visual experience, allowing spectators to play 8K videos in high definition on TV. Additionally, the new HDR feature offers the highest brightness degrees, customizable according to the viewer’s preference, displaying the Quantum HDR scenes more dynamically. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, the AI Upscaling feature enables the TV to transmit low quality visual content into more enhanced images with high clarity 8K resolution.

Optimal Sound for every scene

Visual quality wasn’t the only thing in focus. The new 8K TVs offer a new sound feature, where the sound system relies on AI recognition of each scene and modifies it accordingly, creating the perfect sound for the scene in display.



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