The HUAWEI P30 Lite Is Quite Amazing



Tue, 16 Apr 2019 - 09:47 GMT


Tue, 16 Apr 2019 - 09:47 GMT

The HUAWEI P30 Lite

The HUAWEI P30 Lite

With the arrival of spring’s warm sunshine, people will be out and about in this breezy weather to capture selfie after selfie. For young people, selfies are an indispensable part of socializing, a way to show self-appreciation, and also the best way to capture and share life highlights. We have become used to taking the perfect photo with mobile phone cameras and showing glimmers of our personalities through selfies. Therefore, having a mobile phone that takes a good selfie is especially important for young people today.

The Huawei P series is positioned as the company’s high-end flagship series with various upgraded products aimed at maintaining a dialogue with young people. While the newly-launched P30 Liteincorporates Huawei’s traditional style along withcomplementary hardware technology and design, latest upgrades have been implemented to the phone’s camera technology.

The Huawei P30 liteneeds to be applauded for the quality of its selfie. Its32MPfront-facing camera leverages AI to beautifyselfiesand greatly simplify the user’s retouching process. When the user turns on the selfie camera, the AI beautifying function automatically recognizes and contours the user’s face, modifying facial features such as brightening the pupil, adding eye shadow color, evening out the lip color, sharpening the nose and erasing anywrinkles or fine lines.

Just like a professional styling team, the AI beautifying function automatically adjusts to distinct facial features and beauty preferences. Furthermore, Huawei P lite’sAI beautifying function canbe applied in real-time, allowing users to always show their best face online,no matter the time or place.

The 32MP front-facing camera improves selfie resolution in leaps and bounds, with even minor details being captured easily and fine-tuned. With the click of a button, the Huawei P lite can achieve selfies comparable to movie posters.

Along with the AI beautifying function, Huawei P30 lite has a wide-angle + single lens triple-shot camera on the rear of the device. The 24MP high-definition lens + 8MP wide-angle lens not only have superior resolution, they also adjust lights and shadows to create the perfect photo. There is also anight view function that allows the Huawei P30 lite to quickly adjust the camera’s shooting mode, whether the user is in a brightly lit, backlit or dark scenario, to help them achieve the desired effect. The blurring effect of the rear camera is also more prominent, adding blur to the background against the contrast of the object to add layers to the photo.

The 8MP 120-degrees super wide-angle lens provides users with an extensive view, completely resolving the distress many people face when taking incomplete vacation photos. Compared to the limited view of ordinary mobile phone lens, Huawei P30 lite can easily capture the full scenery with its 8MP 120-degrees camera.

Further upgrade of the wide-angle lens means that the Huawei P30 lite has greater control over parameters affecting the camera’s optical performance and correcting distortions. Presently the wide-angle lens of the Huawei P30 lite configuration can reach 103degrees, which is 2.4 times the wide-angle of the 78-degree image. In addition, the Huawei P30lite’s zoom capability has been enhanced, meaning that users can take unique photos in different settings.

Today, with the vigorous expansionof social media platforms, the significance of selfies becomes even greater and more widespread. The “selfie culture” has greatly changed our lives and self-awareness in a short amount of time and has become an indispensable part of daily life specifically for millennials. More and more people are learning the art of capturing perfect selfies to better express themselves and create something different.

With the help of the Huawei P30 lite, you can discover a different part of your reflection through varying selfie angles or simply add the blurry effect to your photos to create the illusion ofa dream.

Dare to break through, be creative and popular, and discover how fun and wonderful life can be – with a little help form Huawei’s P series mobile phones. Huawei P30 lite is remarkable in terms of taking photos, and worth looking forward to.





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