In pics: Darb Sinai: the longest walking path in Egypt


Tue, 14 Aug 2018 - 02:39 GMT

Tourists are walking through the mountains in Darb Sinai - Press photo

Tourists are walking through the mountains in Darb Sinai - Press photo

CAIRO – 14 August 2018: Darb Sina, which means the ancient paths of Sinai, is a place where one can enjoy nature, history and adventure.

Darb Sinai starts from Aqaba Gulf to the heights of St. Catherine, giving travelers the chance to see the best natural scenery in Egypt. It is considered a top tourist attraction with its heights and sandy dunes.


Amidst this charming nature, it takes two weeks of walking through the mountains to discover the Bedouin life and its details which begin with breakfast and end up with sleeping under the moonlight. For those who are interested in medicinal and aromatic plants, there are 472 plant species to explore in St. Catherine.

Darb Sinai was one of the most important topics discussed by Minister of Tourism Rania el-Mashat with Amr Samra, the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest.

Samra suggested some ideas to boost tourism in Darb Sinai, explaining that Darb Sinai is the first long walk in Egypt.


Mashat welcomed the ideas presented by Samra, noting that the ministry is ready to cooperate with him to implement these ideas in the future.

Samra added that the Wanderlust magazine described Darb Sinai as the best natural path in the world.




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