Marsa Alam attracts tourists from all over the world


Fri, 29 Jun 2018 - 10:54 GMT

A Dugong near Marsa Alam (Egypt) - CC via Wikimedia CommonsJulien Willem

A Dugong near Marsa Alam (Egypt) - CC via Wikimedia CommonsJulien Willem

CAIRO – 29 June 2018: Red Sea Governorate, especially Hurghada, received a great number of Egyptians during the Eid holidays; raising the rate of domestic tourism over that of international tourism.

German, Polish and Czech citizens in Marsa Alam - Egypt Today/Emad Arafa

Marsa Alam witnessed different proportions of tourists, where the rate of international tourism was still higher than that of domestic tourism. The city attracted a large number of tourists from several countries; German tourists came in the first place, followed by the Polish and Czech citizens.

Tourists diving in Marsa Alam with sea creatures - Egypt Today/Emad Arafa.

Abul Haggag el-Ammari, an international tourism expert, believes that the city of Marsa Alam always attracts tourists who love nature and seek tranquility.

German, Polish and Czech citizens in Marsa Alam - Egypt Today/Emad Arafa.

He added in remarks to Egypt Today that the city is currently hosting a large number of tourists from five different countries.

"There is a large number of tourists in Marsa Alam who do not spend their holidays in hotels, but prefer to spend it on a yacht to enjoy diving, swimming and watching sea creatures," he continued.

Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate - Egypt Today/Emad Arafa

He called on the owners and managers of hotels and resorts to agree on a fixed price for hotel rooms. He explained that a number of hotels reduced their prices which led to problems with tourism companies regarding the sale of touristic nights.

Ammari explained that a tourist comes to Marsa Alam to enjoy his holiday in the magical city, stressing that the tourist who loves the beaches of Marsa Alam will reach it no matter what the prices are.

Marsa Alam, Red Sea Governorate - Egypt Today/Emad Arafa

Ahmed Ghalab, director general of the Red Sea Protected Areas, said that Red Sea beaches differ from any other beaches in the world, "thanks to the high mountains in Marsa Alam, the floods which send its water to the sea and form several bays and ponds, and the soil that is washed away by the torrential waters of the sea, feeding rare marine animals."

"Marsa Alam possesses unique charm as it comprises Wadi El Gamal National Park and its beaches are considered to be among the best beaches in the world. Marsa Alam's tourists come from different cultural backgrounds; they all love knowledge and discovery," Ghalab added.

Hurghada Beach – Reuters

He stressed that Wadi El-Gamal National Park is the only protected area to be entered by a fee. He confirmed that during the days of Eid it was visited by 2,100 Egyptians.

Ghalab explained that the beaches of Marsa Alam contain a Gulf called Marsa Mubarak, which is one of the richest and most beautiful gulfs on the Red Sea coast. It is characterized by biodiversity and is a perfect place for tourists who wish to dive with sea turtles.

Green sea turtle near Marsa Alam.

Ghalab added to Egypt Today that the Gulf of Marsa Mubarak has been housing rare animal species for hundreds of years. The director general of the Red Sea Protected Areas noted that the coral reefs of Marsa Mubarak are diverse. The Gulf's bottom consists of sandy soil covered by a wide layer of sea grass, nourishing Dugong, a medium sized marine mammal. There are also small sandy hills in the Gulf, which have grown because of desert drifting to shore.

Director of Sales and Marketing in one of the hotels in Marsa Alam, Karam Badra, declared that a few days ago a Saudi tourist delegation visited the city to spend the Eid holiday. Badra added that more than 40 families arrived in Marsa Alam and admired its beauty, stressing that the city attracts tourists from different nationalities, including nationalities that have not visited Egypt before.



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