Avoid fasting if you are pregnant: doctors



Sat, 19 May 2018 - 08:22 GMT


Sat, 19 May 2018 - 08:22 GMT

Pregnancy – photo by Tatiana Vdb/ flickr

Pregnancy – photo by Tatiana Vdb/ flickr

CAIRO – 19 May 2018: Fasting during pregnancy could be one of the most dangerous things any women could do without knowing, according to doctors.

In statements to Egypt Today, Inas Shaltout, professor of internal medicine, diabetes, and endocrinology at Cairo University, advised pregnant women to avoid fasting, saying that it could put her own life and her baby’s at risk.

Shaltout explained furthermore that fasting may lower or increase blood-sugar levels, which could harm the baby’s health. “The baby should be fed very well to avoid any distortions or complications,” she added.

Doctors, however, advised pregnant women to keep their bodies hydrated all the time by drinking water and juices. They also mentioned that pregnant women should not eat one large meal at one time, but divide meals in small quantities at close intervals. It was also advised to stay away from pickles, spices and peppers, and instead eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

As for diabetics, Ahmed Samir, professor of vascular surgery at Qasr al-Aini Hospital, confirmed in statements to Egypt Today on Friday that they should regulate their food in order to avoid side effects that may occur as a result of deterioration of the patient's health.

Samir added that diabetics are more likely to develop atherosclerosis; however, taking the right cautions, along with regulating food and medicine, will avoid patients’ risk.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind during this month:

- Drink water as much as you can between sunset and dawn.
- You can always manage to have a walk every day, even for 30 minutes, to avoid indigestion and speed up fat-burning ratios.
- Chew food well and don’t eat quickly to avoid feeling lazy and sleepy after finishing your meal.
- Always start with soup, and then proceed to salad after a while.
- Do not eat large amounts of carbohydrates and try to twice as many vegetables.



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