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Wed, 25 Apr 2018 - 10:40 GMT


Wed, 25 Apr 2018 - 10:40 GMT

Tourists riding a donkey in Fowa - Mohamed Suleiman

Tourists riding a donkey in Fowa - Mohamed Suleiman

CAIRO – 26 April 2018: U.S. and British families visited Fowa town in Kafr el-Sheikh governorate in April, where they experienced Egyptian rural life, culture and handicraft.

An American family visited Fowa for a short holiday, where they received a warm welcoming and experienced great hospitality from the local people.

The tourists are celebrating Mohamed Salah for winning the Best Player in England Award - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
The tourists pose for a picture – Mohamed Suleiman

The family spent three days in the city. They were welcomed by Abdul Mohsen al Ouden, head of Fowa’s city hall, who met them in one of the city’s family parks.

The tour began after a three-hour break at the guest house. They shopped at the local souq (market) that is rich with colors, agricultural products and ancient mosques. They ate breakfast at a local restaurant and ordered “foul” (fava beans) and falafel. Afterwards, they walked around the magical streets of Fowa.

The family walking around the local souq in Fowa - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
The family walking around the local market in Fowa – Mohamed Suleiman

Ayman Abu Naja Salah, head of the Fowa Heritage and Tourism Foundation, said that the family attended workshops for handmade kilims, textile tapestries and carpets. They spoke with the owners of the workshops and learned how to make carpets and kilims. The family of four participated in making a piece of tapestry and a carpet, which they kept as a souvenir. The two children spent five hours following the steps of one of the workers. They kept the work they made as a souvenir to remind them of the trip.

Later on, the family headed to the Nile River and fished with the local fishermen. They then communicated with the people of Fowa in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The delegation are having the local breakfast falafel and beans - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
The tourists are having the local breakfast falafel and beans – Mohamed Suleiman

On their last day, the family went to spend a full day in the rural areas, joining the farmers while working. The kids rode donkeys with excitement, and then the four explored the streets of Fowa on a horse carriage. They visited metal workshops and worked with a worker named Ahmed al Haddad.

The boy carries tea cups while walking in between the grass - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
A boy carries tea cups while walking in between the grass – Mohamed Suleiman

When their trip ended, 10-year-old Andrew said, “I am happy that I visited Fowa, and the best thing I liked was making and designing kilims and carpets.” He also added, “I enjoyed the greeneries and riding the donkeys, as those things we don’t find in America.”

The American child palying with the ducks - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
An American child playing with the ducks – Mohamed Suleiman

Another tourism delegation consisting of two American and three English tourists also visited the city of Fowa. They visited the rural areas, ate Egyptian breakfast, went on Nile cruises, and joined the fishermen and peasants in their profession. They also roamed the markets and streets of Fowa, spending their time by the greeneries, eating vegetables and drinking tea while singing various English songs.

The American and English tourists participate in baking - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
The American and British tourists participate in baking – Mohamed Suleiman

The Youm7 staff and tourists celebrated together when Mohammed Salah won the Player of the Year award and they sang the famous “Mo Salah” song. They hope that Salah doesn't leave Liverpool FC, assuring that their love for Egypt increased due to loving Mohammed Salah.

One of the children joins one of the metal workers - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
One of the children joins one of the metal workers – Mohamed Suleiman

Timothy Mark, one of the English tourists, said that if anyone knew the value of the Egyptian countryside, no one would think about travelling abroad. He used to visit Egypt occasionally, but he had only been to Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh and Alexandria; he never knew of Fowa. When he visited the city, he confirmed that now whenever he comes to Egypt, he’ll go to spend his holiday in Fowa.

The family walking in Fowa streets - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman (2)
The family walking in Fowa streets – Mohamed Suleiman

He added that he got tired of the crowded and noisy places, preferring to stay in a quiet and calm place.

The delegation visited the farm lands, played a number of musical pieces, and sang American and English songs, and even some French and Portuguese songs. They drank tea in the afternoon, went to the banks of the Nile River to take pictures and then went to the guest house to rest. Afterwards, they played some street games with the children.

The children are over excited while riding the donkey - Egypt TodayMohamed Suleiman
Children are excited riding the donkey – Mohamed Suleiman

Abu Naja assured that Fowa has become an important tourism attraction for American and British tourists. He declared that the city received almost 40 tourists of different nationalities in three months.

Abu Naja added that what makes the tourist delegation special is the children accompanied by their families. This gives a positive impression and will have a positive impact on tourism. Those children will talk about their experience in Fowa to their friends and relatives. This will lead to an increase in the demand of tourism, and the children might encourage their family and friends to visit.



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