A Girl from Egypt: Breaking stereotypes about Muslims in hijab



Fri, 23 Mar 2018 - 05:42 GMT


Fri, 23 Mar 2018 - 05:42 GMT

Screenshot from “A girl from Egypt” Video.

Screenshot from “A girl from Egypt” Video.

CAIRO – 23 March 2018: “A Female, Arab, Muslim wearing hijab.” Every word of that sentence includes hundreds of stereotypes that are automatically related to any person with those characteristics.

Although Arab women have recently started to win ground in the prolonged battle to regain their rights to work, receive education and power, more obstacles are ahead to break taboos.

During their struggle for their rights, women also fight negative stereotypes demeaning their capabilities. Many have taken it upon themselves to defend their social roles, hopes and dreams.

This production is by Rehab Ismail from Egypt Today Magazine and was supported by OPEN Media Hub with funds provided by the European Union
DOP: Ahmed Hussein - Supervised by: Mohamed Abdel Baky

Egypt Today, in collaboration with Open Media Hub – part of the European Union Programme OPEN Neighbourhood – as part of the “Being 20” series, produced this video featuring Yara, a young Egyptian female who strongly believes in social change. She dedicated her time to volunteering and supporting social causes in the Arab world.

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Screenshot for ET video "A girl from Egypt" on Open Media hub website

Consistent with her desire to achieve good for the community, Yara has built upon her studies in media information literacy to create an initiative that basically focuses on developing simplified media curricula for children in the underprivileged areas of Cairo in order to ground them with the fundamentals of being critical thinkers and aware content producers.

Through social media, Yara has played an influential role in many Egyptian youths' lives, where she provides them with opportunities and advices to empower them; her followers on different social media platforms get inspired by her activities and wait for her advice in life, work and how to reach their goals.

Yara with Arab delegation participating in Media and Digital Literacy Academy 2017 – at the Lebanese American University Beirut (LAU)

Yara has also traveled to represent the Arab world in different international events, where she worked on building bridges of communication and commonalities between nations to understand and know more about the Arab world.

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Being 20: Profile of a generation

The “Being 20” series was developed by media professionals in the European neighborhood countries with OPEN Media Hub support. The series focuses on the views, perspectives and challenges facing young people in the countries neighboring Europe. OPEN Media hub Supports media professional among EU neighborhood area.

Being 20 - Egypt Today - A girl from Egypt - OPEN Media Hub

Details: Yara, a young Egyptian female who has a strong belief in social change, tells us her experience with travelling abroad and how people from different cultures received her as an Arab Muslim in Hijab. Language: Arabic Reporter: Rehab Ismail Camera: Ahmed Hussein Editor: Rehab Ismail Dateline: Cairo, Egypt - 15/01/2018 Source: Egypt Today< / ...

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