Interview: Queen of Elegance gives priority to intellectual, cultural elegance



Tue, 13 Feb 2018 - 07:55 GMT


Tue, 13 Feb 2018 - 07:55 GMT

Co-founder of the Queen of Elegance Competition Mohamed Nagh and women participants - Press Photo

Co-founder of the Queen of Elegance Competition Mohamed Nagh and women participants - Press Photo

CAIRO – 13 February 2018: Searching for standards of beauty different from the mainstream, the third season of Egypt’s Queen of Elegance will kick off on March 2, without differentiating between hijabi women and non-hijabi. Speaking to Egypt Today, co-founder of the Queen of Elegance competition Mohamed Nagh revealed the measures and conditions for selection.

What are the differences between Egypt’s Queen of Elegance Competition and the rest of the world’s beauty contests?

Since the competition was launched three years ago, we have tried to set special and motivational conditions for the female participants to deserve winning the title. The competition gives priority to intellectual, cultural and humanitarian elegance along with the ability to serve the community than the criteria of elegant appearance. Hence, elegance in the competition is a comprehensive concept.

On what basis the competitors are chosen?

They should be intellectual and have a university degree, and should not exceed 33 years old with suitable weight and height. Additionally, having participated in a voluntary work as well as social and sports activities makes them special.

Is it obligatory to be without hijab?

No, the competition is open for every girl and woman, and there are many hijab-wearing women participating in the competition.

How many women participants who reached the competitions’ final round until now?

More than 500 women have participated in the competition for the title and, after being knocked out, they has reached 10 girls who were selected with difficulty after they had been subjected to personal, psychological and cultural tests. The ten girls are Sara Mustafa Hamam, Fatima Basiouni Nasr, Iman Adel Awad, Samar Fouad Mohamed, Heba Alaa Mohamed, Mona Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Nour el-Hoda Abdel Rahman, Alaa Alaa Sherif, Sherihan Wagih Mohamed, Sahar Shehata Hussein.

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The ten female participants in the festival – Press Photo

What happens after selecting the ten finalists?

They will attend various training courses, including human development, nutrition, fashion, etiquette, positive psychology and care for hair and skin, given by specialized experts. Then, they will undergo other tests to choose miss elegant and four maids for the closing ceremony, which will be held on March 2 after playing off the others.

What characterizes the third season?

Every season has certain changes that differentiate it from previous season. What characterizes this season is that the free training courses have been extended for six months for the participant to benefit from them; in the first and second seasons the training courses were given in only a month. Also, in the first and second seasons, only two maids were chosen; however, four maids will be selected in the third edition.

Tell me more about the judges committee.

In third season, the committee includes famous TV hosts such as Leila Shandoul, Bossy al-Tayyar, the fashion designer Sherif Nasr and a Lebanese beauty expert. During the closing ceremony, fashion shows of famous fashion designers will be presented.

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Judges Committee of Queen of Elegance Competition – Press Photo

What are the awards given to miss elegant in the competition?

She will be awarded with the Miss Elegance Shield and the four maids will be given valuable gifts such as luxury houses. Besides, many news agencies, newspapers, artists and famous TV hosts will attend the closing ceremony in addition to awarding many artists and fashion designers.

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