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Mon, 12 Feb 2018 - 11:47 GMT


Mon, 12 Feb 2018 - 11:47 GMT

Photo via sveta_kc, Instagram

Photo via sveta_kc, Instagram

CAIRO- 13 February 2018: The French manicure dates back to around the 18th century. Although it’s considered a great classic, it’s also often thought of as boring and redundant. Consequently, experts have thought of new ways to restore it to its former glory. Here are a few suggestions on how you can spice up your nail art.

The French Fade:


Love the ongoing ombre trend? How about you try an ombre French? The French Fade is a great twist on the traditional French manicure, giving you the nude base with a light or white tip albeit with a creative, on trend adaptation.

The Double Line:


Although it only adds a minimalistic extra line to the design, The Double Line gives the conventional French manicure a futuristic, yet elegant feel that makes it a great new adaptation.

The Upside Down:


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Yes, the French manicure can look just as good, maybe even better, upside down. Add a little white polish near your cuticles and get a modern chic look; add a splash of color to the combination and get tasteful, sophisticated design.

The Colored Version:


Using bolder, brighter colors instead of just your plain, old white can breathe back the life into the unadventurous original French. You can really get a contrast by adding colors like black or red, or stay simple and modest with a baby pink.

The Dressed Up Version


It can be achieved by using a glittery polish as opposed to your normal white, adding beads or small sparkles, or even utilizing different designs. This can really indicate your character and be used more as an alternate form of expression.



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