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Thu, 01 Feb 2018 - 07:30 GMT


Thu, 01 Feb 2018 - 07:30 GMT

Photo Via Fentybeauty Instagram

Photo Via Fentybeauty Instagram

CAIRO – 1 February 2018: Have you ever been told how tired you look even though you had an eight-hour sleep the night before? Have you ever worn something, looked at yourself in the mirror, and found your dark circles extremely exaggerated? Well, all of this can be avoided by knowing your skin undertones.

Let us start by explaining the huge difference between skin tones and skin undertones.

Your skin tone is the color that you can see prominently appearing on your skin without you thinking too much about it. It usually ranges from very fair to deep dark. Your skin tone can change throughout the seasons, in summer versus in winter, depending on your skin color and how tan you are.

On the other hand, your undertones are the unchanging hidden colors in your skin. They are the reason why your skin might seem rather cool- or warm-toned. They're the underlying reason why your skin looks the way it does.

Why it's important to know your undertone:

Because colors go into everything from clothes to your hair, jewelry and even your makeup selection, determining the ones that suit you best will help elevate and flatter your look, give you a healthy and radiant glow, and help build a generally cohesive appearance.

Quick tests to determine your undertone:

Flattering colors:
For the cool-toned, you should probably stick to cool sea shades and grays, as well as fresh greens, icy purples and pinks, and berry reds. Avoid oranges, corals, yellows and gold, as they tend to wash you out.

As for you warm-toned folks, yellows, oranges, earthy shades of reds, greens and browns make your golden undertones look brilliant. Red violets, corals and peach can also accentuate your skin. Your best blues are periwinkle and teal, and your best neutrals are off whites and warm grays.

Finally, we reach our neutrals. Honestly, there would be no point in me telling which colors suit you best, as you are supposedly lucky enough to be able to rock each and every one of them, but true reds and muted or softened sherbet shades have been known to highlight your balanced skin.



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