9 IKEA Products You Need In Your Bedroom



Sun, 13 Nov 2016 - 05:48 GMT


Sun, 13 Nov 2016 - 05:48 GMT

Your bedroom is where the day starts and ends, where you tuck yourself amongst the mess of soft covers and plush pillows. And with a bit of dreaming, it can be elevated beyond a simple place to snooze. It could feel like a hotel in a far-flung city; or an enveloping space high up in the clouds. It could be a private island for one in a shared room. Or a stylish sanctuary that blends the personalities of two. Whatever mood you create, your bedroom will be your personal zone where you spend third of your day.

Winter is coming!

What’s better on a chilly weekend morning than grabbing a cup of hot coffee and something to read and returning to a cozy bed? Make your bedroom the snuggest place around by layering rugs, blankets, twinkling lights, plump cushions and piles of books. You’ll probably have to get up eventually, but until then, here are 9 IKEA products that will definitely make your room the coziest place this winter.

1. Boja Table Lamp

A rich, warm hue creates a cozy, enveloping mood in the bedroom. This lamp from IKEA which is made of braided bamboo creates decorative light patterns on your walls. It gives an instant comfy feeling that helps you to simply indulge.


* Use a clear light bulb if you have a lamp shade or lamp with a perforated or cut-out pattern or other airy, open design and want the pattern to cast effects on the wall and ceiling.

* Use an opal light bulb if you have an ordinary lamp shade or lamp and want an even, diffused distribution of light.

2. Brimnes Day Bed frame with drawers

[caption id="attachment_531027" align="alignnone" width="620"]2. Brimnes Day Bed frame with drawers Brimnes Day Bed frame with drawers[/caption]

Living in a small space often presents big demands for smart storage solutions. That's why functional bedroom furniture with storage is needed. A good couch to sit down will serve you well when you're reading or need to have a conversation with your partner. Bed time? You can use it too. Yes, you can rearrange the pillows and turn it back into a bed.

3. Brimnes bed frame with storage

3. Brimnes bed frame with storage

You could have every item on this list but your bedroom wouldn't be complete without a perfect bed. After all, if you're not getting enough quality sleep, you can't fully appreciate a beautiful room.

Tip: The right mattress for you is the one that you try in your home for 30 days. Find the mattress that you think is the most comfortable, and walk away with guarantee. The mattress that allows you to sink into a deep sleep and wake up in the morning without aches is the one for you. And there’s only one way to find out which mattress that is.

4. Vilborg curtains baige


You sleep better in the dark. If your eyelids flutter open as you move from one stage of sleep to another, even streetlights or a full moon can wake you up. “Dark inhibits the brain’s biological clock,” says Dr. Yan-Go. It tells your brain it’s time to sleep. That’s why you need this densely woven curtains which will darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room. Win-Win!

5. Hemnes Shelving Unit


If you’re looking for a simple, modern and straight forward storage idea then this shelving unit is for you. The open shelves are easily accessible and practical. The Hemnes Shelving unit is a great way to organize the pieces you've acquired over the years but can't quite figure out where to put them.

6. Brimnes Chest of drawers


A chest of drawers that suits you, your clothes and your space means no more cold mornings searching for your socks. It can also be used as a nightstand. Make sure you get one in your bedroom.

Tip: Put a combination of a flower, a great book, and lamp for decoration. It also helps with an interrupted-sleep.

7. Trysil Wardrobe


A wardrobe can also be a piece of decoration with a sliding mirror for easy access. Its small space fits in any corner of the room.

Tip: Dark wardrobes do not make for a quick choice of clothing in the morning. Add an integrated wardrobe lighting to help you see what you have to wear. Simply open the door, and they’re on.

8. Skubb storage case


Need more space to store stuff? This storage case lets you keep things like duvets or clothes at the foot of your bed. So not only you find them a home, they also look beautifully organized and handy.

9. Skubb box with compartments


Want to conquer the mess? Divide it. This box will help you make the most of your wardrobe or drawers and always know where even the smallest things are.



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