Sami Amin: Egyptian Leather And Brass Designer Plans To Go International



Thu, 11 Aug 2016 - 02:57 GMT


Thu, 11 Aug 2016 - 02:57 GMT

Veteran designer Sami Amin reveals plans to go international with his successful brand.

by Diana Farid

Sami Amin began to feel his affinity for design and handmade work when he was still an undergraduate. The icon of leather and brass in Egypt, Amin introduced his signature style almost 25 years ago and has been known for his collections inspired by Egyptian culture. His studies at the faculty of fine arts helped him capitalize on his talent, Amin says, but admits he had to teach himself everything because, “Back at that time, it was never easy to find information or understand the techniques of work. I used to go to places like Haret el Yahood, sit beside the artisans in their workshops and watch how they work then go home and do it all by myself.” Gradually Amin became adept at fusing brass and leather, and a strong career in design followed.

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Amin's collections are a blend of trendiness, elegance and ethnicity. His endless passion for Egypt’s culture is reflected in all his lines and is one of the reasons the brand stays among clients. “Reflecting the Egyptian spirit is the most important thing in my work. Our heritage is significant to the world so we need to be the first ones to showcase its beauty,” Amin says.

While Egyptian culture is the most inspiring element in all his work, each collection has a different story behind it and every piece reflects the beauty surrounding us. His latest line, the “Sky collection,” is heavily influenced by the pharaonic era and features various pharaonic symbols. Other collections were inspired by his own personal interests like the “Flower Collection” or the “Word Collection.”

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Throughout his career, Amin's favorite materials have always been real leather and brass, his designs staying true to the raw products. His love for raw materials is evident in the way the products are displayed in his galleries: The designs, showroom and logo (scripting his name both in Arabic Thulouth — an ancient form of Arabic writing commonly found in old mosques and churches — and English within an irregular outer frame) are all infused with a unique spirit owned by the Sami Amin brand. “Raw materials have a kind of charm that adds to the beauty of the products as well as value,” believes Amin. “The more the products age, the more valuable and worthy they are.”

The veteran designer is able to turn everyday ethnic items into charming wearable pieces of art. His exceptional designs, unique choice of color and high-quality materials are a few of the reasons behind the brand’s outstanding appeal.

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Given the brand’s outstanding popularity among foreigners in Egypt, Amin's next step is going international with his successful brand. “I dream that my brand gains more exposure abroad so we can take our Egyptian culture worldwide and fascinate people with its beauty,” says Amin. Our culture deserves to be more endorsed and I hope my brand will be successful doing that.”



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