ArtsMart Hosts Max Vityk Retrospective


Sun, 17 Apr 2016 - 01:12 GMT

ArtsMart, the region's leading online gallery, is hosting a retrospective of Cairo-based American expressionist painter Max Vityk that will showcase the last 6 years of the artist's work.

images courtesy of ArtsMart

The Ukrainian-born artist is an active figure in the international artistic scene whose works have won worldwide recognition and are included in leading Western modern art auctions.


Vityk began art after getting a PhD in the Earth Sciences and working as a geologist. He began painting in the late 1990s when living in Texas, and later opened studios in Ukraine and the Netherlands. His geology background has greatly influenced his style: his canvases have multiple layers and rock-like textures, broad and energetic brushstrokes and naturally vibrant colors. Vityk currently lives and works in Cairo.


The exhibit features 61 larger-than-life paintings from the artist’s prolific and multifaceted portfolio over the last six years. It continues until May 6th at the ArtsMart Gallery, at KM28 on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road before Dandy Mall and behind Total Petrol Station. For more information, see the ArtsMart website or the event's Facebook page.




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