Art Exhibit Looks At Benefits, Dangers Of Social Media



Sat, 09 Apr 2016 - 12:16 GMT


Sat, 09 Apr 2016 - 12:16 GMT

A new exhibit at Darb 1718 titled "Log In" examines the benefits and dangers of social media, and features local and international artists from Egypt, the United States, France and Italy. The exhibit showcases different interactive art mediums like photography, video and installations.

Various social media platforms are rapidly expanding; enabling us to share our lives through tools like photos, videos and audio. All these different tools are becoming our new global language.

Through social media, the world has opened to us. It is free, unlike calling across the ocean. Social media has made it possible for like minded individuals to discuss important topics, widen their personal knowledge and discover things they never knew before. Nations are moved by our voices on the social media platforms.

Yet, there is a huge question about our privacy, our human contact and our reality. Some people feel the threat and some do not. Some choose to disconnect from this virtual reality, and some believe they are in control of the content they share, view and believe.

[caption id="attachment_493004" align="alignnone" width="620"]Steven Guermeur, France: Break the Plinth (Augmented Reality) Steven Guermeur, France: Break the Plinth (Augmented Reality)[/caption]

Creating an exhibition in a physical space from what is basically an online phenomenon presents its own set of challenges. The exhibition is a way to share the importance of social media in today's culture and society, and to look into the challenges that it brings to our lives, how we deal with them and how social media is now a core element in our contemporary life and society.

The exhibition will be open between April 11th to May 31st, everyday from 10am to 10pm, except for Fridays from 4pm to 10pm. For more information please call (02) 2361 0511 or email



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