Fustat's Children Enriched Through Art



Fri, 30 Oct 2015 - 08:08 GMT


Fri, 30 Oct 2015 - 08:08 GMT

An Egyptian non-profit is taking children in Old Cairo on cultural trips to surrounding historical sites, and hosting weekly art and theater workshops hoped to enrich their imagination and creativity.

The Darb 1718 gallery is well-known to art enthusiasts, but fewer know about the activities at Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center that to develop the skills of children living in the surrounding areas of the gallery in Fustat.

The goal is to open up children to appreciate different forms of art, and help them explore the cultural and historic richness of their district, organizers say. A recent trip to the Amr ibn al-As Mosque taught the children about its history and architecture. That trip was followed by a maquette workshop that helped to develop their teamwork and art skills.

“The workshops have made a noticeable difference in the children’s behavior in terms of their communications and teamwork skills, such as thinking before speaking, understanding game rules and accepting loss," says instructor Neama Mohsen. "The workshop also helped in crossing the barriers between males and females and enhancing their cooperation."

The Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center was launched in 2008 and regularly hosts art and cultural events. Darb 1718 also provides workshops, programs and initiatives to educate and mentor emerging artists, offering them a space to exhibit their work alongside more established artists.




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