Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany

et Fashion Designer of the Week: Christine Massarany

Sun, Oct. 15, 2017
Cairo – 15 October 2017: Christine Massarany is the newest designer to enter the Egyptian fashion scene with her elegant semi-couture designs that are inspired by the woman’s silhouette.

With the subtle beautiful color palette, luxurious fabrics and feminine cuts. Massarany remixes her silhouette choices with unpredictable fabrics and cuts in perfect harmony.

Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany

Each collection is exclusive as the designs are only created once and are perfect for every occasion; whether it is a morning engagement party or a wedding that will go on to all hours in the night.

Having only founded the label this year, Massarany and her husband Rami Ashraf are on their way to having a front-running clothing label.

Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany

Ashraf is the entrepreneurial intellect that is behind the everyday operations that steer the label.

The debut collection is inspired by nature, in particular oyster mushrooms. Her style pays homage to the beginning of her fashion journey when she entered the “La Mode a Beyrouth” competition, where she placed among the top eight finalists.

Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany

The dress that she created for the competition was inspired by the oyster mushroom. Ruffles and earthy tones take center stage to resemble the beauty and details of the oyster mushroom, which truly stands out in urban surroundings.

The semi-couture collection includes 11 pieces varying between dresses, jumpsuits and rompers. Each design is unrepeated, signifying the exclusivity of the Christine Massarany label.

Photos courtesy of Christine Massarany

“I always design my pieces to stand out,” Massarany said. “Wherever the Christine Massarany woman would go, I want her to be the one who stands out and whose choice of dress people talk about. That’s why I design statement pieces.”
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