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Mon, 09 Oct 2017 - 05:02 GMT


Mon, 09 Oct 2017 - 05:02 GMT

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

CAIRO – 9 October 2017: In 2014, Saadawi launched three different lines so far, and is currently working on two more collections for 2018. You can tell that creating jewelry is where her true passion lies, and making women feel beautiful is her true motivation.

Indira Jewelry is an international brand that was founded in 2014 by Egyptian-American designer, Marwa Saadawi, who found inspiration, beauty and simplicity amidst the organized chaos of her two home cities - Cairo and New York.

What is Indira? It is reviving the art of traditional jewelry by using 100 percent sterling silver, accentuated by colorful materials such as the Mother of Pearl.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Indira Jewelry pieces can be mixed and matched with different outfits throughout the day in different styles. Designed with the modern professional woman in mind, while using Saadawi’s signature geometric patterns, mixing Arabesque designs with the edgy, minimalist style of New York.

“I believe Indira Jewelry is reviving the art of jewelry making, designing quality silver pieces proudly influenced by Egyptian architecture & Arabesque patterns with New York’s culture and fashion movements,” Marwa Saadawi stated.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Saadawi studied Special Education and also has a Master’s Degree in Child & Adolescent Counseling. Having found her passion for fashion and design at a young age, it was always a great way for her to channel her creative energy. Later, she began taking courses in metal work, design, sewing, and beadwork and soon realized that this is what she wanted to do.

Before she began Indira Jewelry, she did an apprenticeship at a silversmith, or "Warsha", in Khan Al Khalili in Egypt.

“I spent a summer, in the heat and humidity, working 12-hour days in the old part of Cairo, learning every part of the silver design and production. During this summer, I refined my design skills, and also learned about every step of the process to create silver jewelry – from melting the silver to creating the mold to hammering and etching details to polishing and shining the final product. After that summer, I launched my first collection for Indira Jewelry,” she explained.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Hence why Indira Jewlery’s quality distinguishes it from other brands in the market. Saadawi works closely with the workshop when designing the collections and producing jewelry, making sure that it is up to par in quality, design and function.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

When did Saadawi first fall in love with fashion?
She would spend summers in Egypt, and always enjoyed the special experience of jewelry shopping with her mother, sister and aunts, especially getting to meet the jewelers and designers and learning about their process. These memories always stayed with her, and fashion became a constant passion of hers.

Saadawi always had a desire for distinct style and after attending a heavily fashion-rooted high school in New Jersey, it brought her in closer to the fashion capital of New York City. She also assisted in putting together fashion shows for charity events. Thus, Saadawi began her journey in the local fashion community.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Her passion and desires for a career in design were confirmed when she went on a backpacking trip throughout Southeast Asia.

“I never thought about pursuing it as a career until a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, where I spent time in markets with local artisans and designers. It reminded me of the local jewelers and designers in Cairo, and I started to sketch the ideas for Indira Jewelry on this trip. After that trip, I started enrolling in nighttime jewelry courses in New York City and soon after that, I studied in an apprenticeship in the Warsha in Egypt and officially designed my first collection,” Saadawi recounted.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

Her vision for Indira is to create jewelry that has universal appeal by collaborating globally with independent designers and artisans.

“While the focus is now on sterling silver, I am looking to incorporate gold in future lines and to design a men's line of jewelry.”

Who are Saadaw’s favorite and local/international designers?
Currently her favorite international jewelry designer is Dylanlex, who is able to create an aesthetic that is both bold and feminine. While regionally she is inspired by Razan AlAzzouni and how she mixes different materials in her clothing, shoes, and jewelry.

Photos courtesy of Indira Jewelry

What to expect to see in her next collection?
She will be experimenting with different colored stones and shells like yellows, labrodite and some hints of gold.

Where to buy?
You can find Indira Jewelry online, and in select boutiques in New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo.
Indira Jewelry on Instagram: @Indira_nyc



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