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Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT


Mon, 02 Oct 2017 - 10:00 GMT

Cartoon Juggling -UBC Learning Commons

Cartoon Juggling -UBC Learning Commons

CAIRO – 2 October 2017: School is back and it can be a bit overwhelming, one might feel like there is not enough time to do everything, which might not be entirely true. It is all about managing your time right.

First up remember not to stress, and even though everything might seem urgent, stressing out would only slow you down and prevent you from enjoying whatever you are doing. So relax and clear your mind to accomplish things more efficiently.

Prioritize: remember that not everything has the same urgency or a time frame, then think of a system to manage the tasks of the same importance as you see fit; either in order of difficulty from easy to difficult. It is important to remember that having fun can wait, and it is okay to pass on that outing for the sake of an upcoming quiz, you will have plenty of time later to have plenty more outings, as unlike your quiz, having fun does not have deadlines.

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Make a to-do list: it is very easy to forget you had an assignment but since teachers usually never accept that excuse it is important for you to write down notes immediately of all assignments and their due dates and then check a box beside whichever task you finish. An important note here is to be realistic with the deadlines you give yourself, keep a watch near you to stay aware of time and as you progress you will realize how much time a task should take.

You can also try breaking down tasks into smaller parts and finishing them over an extended period of time, for example, if you have an 8-pages assignment to turn in by the end of the week you could work on two pages per day and even leave a day for revising. This helps you have a better understanding of the topic and be more relaxed while performing it.

As for the subjects, you feel like you need to put more effort into, you could always go the extra mile by keeping your notes on that subject with you at all times and revising them a couple of times each day and before the class.

Specify a space for the sole purpose of studying: this will help you get on with studying more quickly and efficiently. It is important for that place to be away from distractions such as TV or your bed so you would stay active and focused.

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