Memo Paris launches first collection of home products


Wed, 06 Sep 2017 - 12:35 GMT

Photo courtesy of Memo Paris

Photo courtesy of Memo Paris

Cairo – 06 September 2017: Memo Paris launches its first line of home products, the Home Retreat collection. Memo Paris’ line of home fragrances will hit shelves this October.

For one decade, Memo Paris has offered dreamy and inspiring journeys. To celebrate this milestone, the brand is releasing a collection of scented candles and diffusers. The signature notes of Memo Paris fragrances include “African Leather”,” French Leather”,” Ilha do Mel”, “Inlé”, “Irish Leather”, “Kedu”, “Lalibela”, “Marfa”, and “Russian Leather”.

Memo Paris Home Retreat Diffuseur
Photo courtesy of Memo Paris

The Home Retreat line is an olfactory journey to Wonderland. Dream of far-off places from the comfort of home with tiny egg cups, tea cups trimmed in fine gold, portly teapots, delicate white porcelain bone china soup tureens, as well as decadent diffusers bathed in the flickering light of candles that bring their décor to life.
“But”, said Alice, “if the world has absolutely no sense, who’s stopping us from inventing one?” Lewis Caroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Memo Paris Home Retreat Eggcup

A nomadic fairy tale as told by Memo
In a press release from Memo Paris, they described their art in such a unique manner, that we decided to feature it in their very own words:

White porcelain Bone China ™, golden clouds. Wafting grapefruit. Time stands still. Inlé. Tea cups decorated with a horse galloping through mint green grass on a biting cold morning. Irish Leather. A delicate soup tureen, a nod to the fragrance of tuberose. The azure trail of the Milky Way. Marfa. A pot-bellied teapot, a journey to wonderland. Varying hues, smells, textures, between dawn and dusk. An amber scent. African Leather. A pile of dishes, the mysterious symbolic home to a plume of wood fire. Lalibela. Such pretty egg cups, pierced by the sunlight. Sorcery, giddiness, caramel passion. Kedu. A wolf howling at the moon, the scent of coriander, the fleeting flame of a candle. Russian Leather. Woven wicker, like a cedar tree with twisted branches. French Leather. Golden blossoms, a fragrant décor. From jasmine to a taste of tea. Ilha do Mel.

Homeline by Memo Paris, the journey is the destination.



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