Five out- of- this- world wonders of Taba, Egypt



Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 04:11 GMT


Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 04:11 GMT

Fiord Bay – Ahmedherz Wikimedia Commons

Fiord Bay – Ahmedherz Wikimedia Commons

CAIRO - 17 July 2017: Wonders of Egypt are varied, and Taba marks a unique milestone in a trip to South Sinai the country’s trip.

The city is renowned for its beauty, nature, mountains, sea, canyons and bays.

Get ready to discover some of the Taba five wonders.

Fjord Bay

1: Fiord bay – Ahmedherz Wikimedia Commons

This amazingly beautiful bay that you meet on your way from Cairo to Taba is just 15 km south of Taba. The road is carved between valleys and above mountains. Apart from the stunning beauty of the mountains, the Fjord Bay meets you with a spectacular sea with different shades of blue. Usually people go to take some photos there and watch the scenery. But you might as well swim or camp there. The Fjord is a spectacular diving spot in the spectacular scenery of the Bay with the dazzling coral reefs.

The Colored Canyon

2: Colored Canyon – Moustafa el refaee Wikimedia Commons

A drive south from Taba through the dessert to the colored Canyon of Sinai, takes you through beautiful age-old rock formations with different shades form artistic scenes. The mountains are wonderful places to hike through these impressive canyons with narrow passages and plants peeping through the mountains near Nuweiba.
The Pharoahs Island

3: Pharaohs Island - tamerlan Wikimedia Commons

The island and its coral reefs have become a popular sightseeing attraction among tourists based in Taba. With the Saladin Citadel built there, the island boasts a historical value and a beautiful sea view.

The Natural Reservoir of Taba

4: Taba Heights –Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) Wikimedia Commons

If you are an animal lover, and would like to watch them in their real habitat this the place for you. Springs, plants, mountains and caves are there. Prepare your camping gear for a back- to- nature experience. Make sure you have your guide not to get lost between the labyrinth of valleys there.

The Taba hotels

5: Taba hotel - pavel spindler Wikimedia Commons

From Hilton to Movenpick a variety of five star hotels are built and prepared to guarantee the best experience for Taba visitors. There are also eco lodges near Taba if you want to spend a night at a relatively cheap but still a beautiful place.



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