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Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 06:00 GMT


Mon, 17 Jul 2017 - 06:00 GMT

Some of most fashionable actresses in Egyptian cinema – Egypt Today photo

Some of most fashionable actresses in Egyptian cinema – Egypt Today photo

CAIRO – 17 July 2017: Actresses in Egyptian cinema have always had a thing for fashion and clothes. Many of them depend on expressing themselves through fashion. Here are 10 of the most fashionable actresses in Egyptian cinema throughout the years.

1) Rachel Abraham Levi:

Rachel Abraham Levi
Rachel Abraham Levi, AKA Raqia Ibrahim – Courtesy of

She was born in Egypt on June 22, 1919 and passed away on December 13, 1978. She used to sell and sew clothes for princes and kings before becoming an actress.

She was one of the most famous figures of the classical Egyptian cinema.

2) Sabah:

Sabah – CC via Wikipedia/Al Mawed Magazine

Her real name is Jeanette Georges Feghali. Sabah was her nickname amongst the actors and singers. She was born on November 10,1927 in Lebanon, and she passed away on November 26, 2014 in Lebanon.

Sabah was called the “diva of music in the Arab world”. She released over 50 albums and acted in 98 movies and 20 plays. Although she was known for her amazing voice and dramatic acts, she was also known for her clothes and being a shopaholic.

3) Faten Hamama:

Faten Hamama – Courtesy of

She was an Egyptian actress born on May 27, 1931 and passed away on January 17, 2015. She was raised in the film and television industry.

She was the most honored actress in the Middle East. Even though she was a great actor in her era, she had a sense of fashion and knew what fitted her body type.

4) Mariam Fakhr Eddine:

Mariam Fakhr
Mariam Fakhr Eddine – CC via Wikimedia Commons/Pinterest/ivoryillusion

She was born on January 8, 1933 and died on November 3, 2014. She acted in more than 60 films and was also known for her sense of fashion during her era.

5) Souad Mohamed Kamal Hosny:

Soad Hosny
Soad Hosny – Press photo

She was born January 26, 1942 and passed away on June 21, 2001. She was a great performer and was nicknamed as the “Egyptian Cinderella”.

She was not only a great performer, but was also a great fashion icon in cinema. Lots of young girls during her time made her their idol in fashion.

6) Mervat Amin:

Mervat Amin
Mervat Amin – CC via Pinterest/Ezadin Almaznae

Born on November 24,1946, she acted in 48 films and 3 series

7) Nelly Artin Kalfayan:

Nelly – File photo

Born on January 3, 1949, she is an actress, singer, comedian and dancer known for her Ramadan show “Fawzir Ramadan” (Ramadan Puzzles).

8) Sherihan:

Sherihan – File photo

Born on December 6, 1964 in Cairo, she acted in 25 films, 5 plays and 15 television series.

9) Dina EL Sherbiny:

Dina El Sherbiny – Youtube/Screenshot of an interview with AlHayah channel

Born on March 17, 1985 in Cairo, she participated in 6 movies and 16 television series, one program, and one television show.

10) Amina Khalil:

Amina Khalil
Amina Khalel – Courtesy of

Born in Cairo on October 26, 1988, she acted in 7 movies and 4 television series.



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