How Gratitude Can Change Your Life



Tue, 26 Oct 2021 - 04:01 GMT


Tue, 26 Oct 2021 - 04:01 GMT

Living with a grateful heart goes a long way, it shifts your perspective towards life and changes your mindset. Gratitude makes you notice the little wins and those simple things we fail to notice as we get accustomed to them. Generally, bad experiences or events can linger longer in our memories and stick more in our heads than good events, and here is how gratitude is a game-changer. Gratitude doesn’t only mean being thankful only for the good experience, but also for making it out of a bad experience and to be able to learn something from it. Getting gratitude in your system isn’t difficult, you just need a little practice and the outcome is totally worth it.

Why do you need gratitude?

· You’ll enjoy life more.

· Getting through hard times will be easier.

· You’ll feel great mentally, emotionally, and physically.

· You’ll have a closer relationship with your friends, family, and loved ones.

How to practice gratitude?

Keep a journal. You don’t have to be a good writer or fill your journal with pages. Take even five minutes of your day to count the blessings you have. It can be as simple as being grateful to people you have in life, a good cup of coffee you had with friends the night before, or even a beautiful view from your balcony. Having a roof above your head, clean food, and good clothes are all forms of blessings we don’t notice because we are used to having them.

Recall previous bad events or experiences. Just go back in time when things were really bad or when you felt at your worst and remind yourself that this time has passed, that bad times can’t last forever, and that you, today, don’t feel as bad about it as you did back in the time.

Watch your language and the self-talk. What you tell yourself or how you narrate your story shifts your mind. When you say ‘why this is happening to me?’ vs ‘why is this happening for me?’ the difference is minimal but it shifts your mindset from victimizing yourself to a person who has been through a tough experience but came out stronger or more mature.

Pause and observe. In this fast-paced life, we never take a moment to pause and observe all the good things happening around us. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning granted the blessing of a new day in our lives, to the moment we go to bed, so many things happen in between.

Document the good memories. Take pictures in a gather-up, call a friend and tell them it was nice catching up after a long time. Keep a box of your special memories belongings, whether it is your first ticket to a long-awaited concert or a little flower someone gave you, just keep the good memories alive.

Tell someone you’re grateful to have them in your life. Whether to a friend, a family member, a colleague, just thank people around you for being there, for the small acts of kindness they do, for little things they teach you; just take the time to tell someone you are glad they are here.





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